This Kid Cracks Me Up!

When Jacob gets a cold it ALWAYS results in a trip to the E.R because his breathing gets so bad that his ribs are sucking in all his skin – this has led to the doctors having a suspicion that he might have asthma. At first we were overwhelmed at the thought of this but the doctor said if he does have asthma it’s most likely the kind that he would outgrow over time because it only seems to “flare” up when he has a cold or chest infection. Anyways they can’t truly test him until he is older so it’s just a guessing game right now….

When he gets sick we have to give Jacob his inhalers via a mask system and each and every time no matter what he completely freaks out. He cries his little heart out and tries with all his might to get the mask off his face….

So this morning I turn around the corner to his bedroom and see Jacob with his mask held up to his face and he’s breathing in and out and laughing. LOL. Then he looks at me and says blue? orange? Those are the two colors of his inhalers that we use and I’m totally cracking up inside that he’s pretend playing with his mask and is now asking me for the inhalers. I think its hilarious and I know that the second I truly try to pull out those suckers and give them to him he’ll completely flip out again! Seems like the mask is ok for play time but not for “baby cant’ breath and needs this to help him LIVE time”…..

Kid cracks me up….ALL the time!

2 thoughts on “This Kid Cracks Me Up!

  1. I am jealous that your baby is smarter than my belly. We can’t be friends anymore. Ada will hold the own mask up to her face when she gets her treatment, but she has no idea what a color is, and is even farther from identifying two of them.

  2. Ha! He can’t identify the colors…he just knows there’s a blue one and an orange one because we always say ok first the blue one….then the orange one! LOL. No worries Manda….there is no genius in this household! LOL…cept maybe the cat!

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