Today My Heart Is Sinking….

I haven’t posted much on the internet in the last week or so as my mind is filled with much worry about my aunt who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer of the lungs and spinal cord. I have become an insomniac, worrying insanely about the people in my family I have not seen in so long and feeling a great deal of guilt and sadness that we have not yet had the opportunity to go out and visit her. We received an email today from her daughter and she, as one would expect is not doing well – death is such a tragic thing when it happens so unexpectedly like this. We are going to be leaving bright and early on Saturday morning with my brother in tow to go and pay her a visit. I asked a friend of mine – what do you say when you visit someone who is going to die? They gave me some really great words of wisdom….they told me that you say “I am so glad you’ve been a part of my life” …”do you remember when we….I had so much fun with you”…..”you taught me so much about…..”

I think it’s a good idea when someone is going to die and they know it and you know it, that you share memories together, share gratitude and love for the things they’ve brought to your life…and I do have a lot of fond memories with my Aunt. I really do.

Anyways…..please pray for her and our family.

I cannot speak more on this as it is very upsetting and painful.