The Rise and Fall of a GREAT Fort!

Boys will be boys I suppose! Yesterday morning I caught Mike and Jacob building forts in the bedroom! Mike had built Jacob a fort and attached it to his laugh and learn home (props to Fisher Price for that great invention) and it wasn’t long after the two of them had built it that Jacob was tearing it down!  I though it was pretty inventive and looked like a lot of fun!

Super Secret Bloggy Post #4

Well it’s now 6 days since we learned via 2 home pregnancy tests that we are expecting and so far it seems the pregnancy symptoms come and go.  In my first pregnancy having my symptoms disappear might have caused me to become alarmed but I remember that every day being pregnant is different.  I’ve been finding that the most difficult time of day for me is the afternoon when nausea hits  me in strong waves and it feels like I’m being smacked in the face with a trout or something.  Seriously!  I will be trudging along with the days events then suddenly I am smacked with sudden nausea and I just know that I need to sit down or lay down before I actually end up throwing up – to me there is nothing more horrible feeling then bending over the toilet to hurl your guts out so I try really hard to avoid that at all costs.  I was really fortunate with Jacob that I was rarely sick to my stomach but this pregnancy seems a bit different.  I find that when I wake up in the morning my stomach feels hollow – like I haven’t eaten for oh a week or so – and since we all know that is NOT the case I realize that the grumble in my tummy is just the growing baby saying “hey mom, spare me some food!”……

If anything at all is similar about this pregnancy compared to the pregnancy with Jacob it’s that a week after I found out I was pregnant with Jacob I became extremely ill with a sinus infection and a sore throat – well right now I am curled up on the couch with a blanket, some kleenex, juice and hand sanitizer!  Yes!  I am sick again!  I think my body goes into overdrive trying to bake babies that it forgets to kick my immune system into gear to fight off other infections!  Grr!  I hate feeling sick – and what could be worse then that?  Being sick AND pregnant and UNABLE to take anything to help with the sickness!  I suppose I could take some tylenol but I’d like to believe that I could make it through this pregnancy without any medication like I did with Jacob…so I’m giving it a miserable shot!

The day after my doctor’s appointment this week I called to book my ultrasound so that we can get a due date for our little bean and Mike and I decided that June 10th would be a good day for that to happen.  We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what our true due date would be so that we could make sure we were far enough along in our pregnancy to be able to see a heartbeat!  Since we guess our due date is some where between January 24th – 30th we think that we’ll be over 6 weeks pregnant for all possible due dates!  Please God let us see a heartbeat!  On Friday morning I called the doctor’s office to request the results of our blood pregnancy test but they did not call me back as they promised!  So, we’re still waiting for the official results that will tell us we’re definitely having another baby – although I’d be very surprised if it told us we were not since aunt flo is still not here and pregnancy tests rarely ever have false positives.

So there you have it…..That’s all the update I have for now!

Grouchy Mama….

I am very sick tonight and I’m not sure how I managed to get so sick so fast.  Yesterday and today I was feeling fabulous but mid afternoon I started feeling a tingle in my throat and now I feel like I have impending strep throat and/or a sinus infection!  Ick!  This is so not what I am wanting right now at all.  I have been downing water for hours hoping to help this infection find its way out of my body so that I can go see the Sex and the City movie tomorrow!  I pray that I wake up tomorrow morning renewed and refreshed but for now I’m heading off to bed in hopes of a restful sleep.

A Visit With “Fia”

Yesterday Jacob and I had a wonderful visit with Auntie Lisa and baby Sofia who isn’t such a little baby anymore!  Seeing them yesterday just reminded me that Jacob is going to be 2 any day now and Sofia is going to be 1 in less then 2 months!  Crazy!  I had told Jacob the day before that we were going to see Sofia and he insisted that he must “SEE FIA NOW!” – with a little change of topic we were able to move on from those demands (ha ha he can be a little dictator at times these days) and we played with his little people…..

So yesterday morning came along and Jacob actually remembered that we were going to “SEE FIA!” so he was so excited whent hey showed up to hang out for the day.  I had all these fears about how he might knock her over or try to grab at her with too much force but you know – he did very well!  He seemed to really care about Sofia and was so nice to her!  I think Sofia really liked Jacob too!  Jacob had a fun time sharing his elmo book with Sofia and she shared her toys too!  Honestly, the two of them together was very cute!  There was one point where Sofia and Jacob were sitting on the floor rolling a ball back and forth between the two of them!  It was just so fun to watch!  Lisa and I did a really good job of rotating the kiddos in and out of the crib so that they both got some much needed nap time!

I guess for me the best part of the day was just being able to get together with Lisa and hang out.  I really like doing that the best and it really is so much more fun to just hang out and talk and be with the kids then do something like go to the mall for example.  I was excited to hear all about their family’s upcoming trip to Greece and I cant’ wait to see pictures from the event!  All in all it was a pretty great day filled with fun, conversation and of course pizza!  Lisa took some pictures so I’ll add them when I can steal them from her!

Super Secret Bloggy Post #3

Can I just say I love my doctor?  I LOVE MY DOCTOR!  Did you hear me?  I said…..I LOVE MY DOCTOR!

I went to talk to my family physican today about the positive pregnancy result I got on Sunday and gosh I’m just so in love with her.  I spent the whole morning worried that she would lecture me about my weight and of course she didn’t even mention it – I should have known this before hand because she has never hassled me about it or made me feel insigficant about it in the past.

After I told her I had 2 positive pregnancy tests we talked a lot about my delivery experience with Jacob and how traumatized I was by that and she agreed that she could understand my apprehensions about another pregnancy.  We talked a lot about whether I should deliver at a different hospital or try a different one this time and we both agreed that since I was quite fond of my previous Obsetrician that it made the  most sense to go back and see him since he is aware of the issues that happened with Jacob during delivery.  I explained to her how anxious I was to be back at that hospital after some of that treatment and she offered to call my OB when I decided to go see him to give him the heads up and let him know how I was feeling.  In the beginning Mike and I decided to do what’s called shared care where you stay with your family doctor up until 32 weeks then you are transferred to your OB but in our case we’d get transferred earlier because of the fluid problems that started around 30 weeks pregnant with Jacob – in addition she suggested that even after I am transferred to the OB I should come see her once a month or so just to talk about my feelings regarding delivering again.  Gosh I love this lady.  She really is a very professional and kind doctor!  When we were talking about my concerns with the rude attitudes we were confronted with by some people at the hospital she suggested that some doctors dont’ know how to treat a patient until they are a patient themselves.  I thought that was very insightful for her to say and I think i’ll remember those words throughout my pregnancy.  I told her I was worried about some of the things you hear about that come with added weight like increased risk of neural tube defects, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and she said very clearly – Melissa the chances are very high that you like all the other average sized moms out there will have a happy and healthy pregnancy and go on to deliver a happy and healthy newborn.  I feel so comfortable and reassured in her care that I am more then happy to stay with her up until around 24-28 weeks when I would be transferred back to my OB.

So we went through the usual routine and she ordered some blood work consisting of testing for things like HIV, she of course did the blood test for pregnancy which I think i’ll get the results back on Friday or at the latest Monday.  Lastly, because of my long cycle she wants a dating ultrasound as a starting place so she gave me a requisition to go get an ultrasound done whenever I want between now and my next appointment which is June 17th…..So all in all it was a great appointment….now I just need to decide when a good time to do the ultrasound would be….

Bounce Bounce Shoot!

For several weeks Jacob would often times walk around proclaiming BOUNCE BOUNCE SHOOT – while vicotriously throwing his arms into the air.  I asked him several times what bounce bounce shoot meant but he always just grinned real big and loudly proclaimed BOUNCE BOUNCE SHOOT again.  I eventually just gave up trying to figure out what it was and assumed it was something he had picked up from a television program.  Then last week while we were out and about for a walk we passed the basket ball court where several young boys were playing a game of basketball.  I was very surprised when Jacob ran quickly to the fence and watched the boys play with his face pressed up against the chain link while loudly proclaiming BOUNCE BOUNCE SHOOT!  *ding ding ding*  BASKETBALL! I guess over the past months that Victoria (the MIL) has been watching Jacob she frequently would pass the basketball courts and Jacob somehow learned that the boys bounce the ball a couple of times then shoot for the basket!  WOW!  The kid is very interested in basket ball so I think my mom is going to get him a little 3 foot tall basketball net for his birthday by little tikes!  I sure hope he loves it as much as he loves watching the boys play!

Super Secret Bloggy Post #2

Well, I’ve officially known that I am pregnant for three days now and truthfully the news is still settling in!  We’re having another baby!  Wow.  I can slow feel my energy start to drain a little more each day but I know it’s just par for the course! Pregnancy symptoms are a good sign that the baby is safe and baking!  This pregnancy is starting out way different then my pregnancy with Jacob for 1 very distinct reason…with Jacob I had only very mild nausea related to taking my multi-vitamin – well yesterday I felt waves of nausea throughout the day but this morning I was practically sweating in bed while trying to prevent myself from a visit to pray with the porcelin god!  My face much to my dismay is breaking out like it normally does when dear old aunt flo comes to visit but still the witch is not here!  I called my doctor this morning to set up an appointment for a blood pregnancy test and then I guess we’ll officially know that we’re pregnant!  I’m really hoping my doctor will set up an ultrasound to help us figure out when our due date is because we are really not exactly sure when I would have ovulated – although we are guessing May 9th!  So I think that makes our due date either January 24th or 26th but I’ll get a good confirmation when I se my doctor and have her run some tests!

Aside from normal pregnancy symptoms I think I might have a slight cold or flu virus because I’m all congested and have “the runs”  (sorry but I’m painting a picture here) – this is very similar to Jacob’s pregnancy because I cam down with a nasty virus just after getting preggo with him too.  Thankfully I’m on vacation and I try to lay down and have an nap when Jacob has one.  I’ve been doing everything I need to do to take care of my baby by getting as much extra rest as I can, taking my multi-vitamin, taking a folic acid supplement, and following a good healthy diet.  I had my last half can of diet coke on Sunday (the day we found out I was pregnant) because I prefer not to have any caffeine in my pregnancy if I can manage that as well as artificial sweetners.  I was so proud of myself that I made it through my entire pregnancy with Jacob without any (after the last one on the day I found out) – The past 2 days have been hard and I’ve battled some headaches but I’ve also managed to do it without taking any tylenol which I also prefer not to take any medications during pregnancy so I feel proud of myself that I made it through some massive headaches without taking anything!  YAY me!

Super Secret Bloggy Post #1

Mike and I had always said we wanted our children close together and the initial plan was to have our children 18 months – 2 years apart – as the reality of parenting set in we realized that we’d like there to be about 2-3 years age difference between the children so we decided that May 2008 would be our first month trying to conceive a second baby for our family!  I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and that coupled with the weight issues we suspected it would take a while to conceive and we were ok with that because we were focusing on organizing the house in prepareation for a move to a bigger place and we were going to focus on having a fit healthy summer!  In fact during the Month of May we realized we’d probably end up ovulating just after Mike’s birthday so he wanted to “do the deed” on that day so that he could tell everyone that it was his birthday baby!  So we went for the gusto and afterwards we even talked a bit about delaying the trying to conceive process so we could enjoy the summer but lo and behold when good old aunt flo didn’t make an appearance we purchased a pregnancy test (or three) and well this is what we were greeted with….


I couldn’t believe it!  This digital test was of course the second test of the day because I was just in disbelief that it would happen so fast for us!  The first try!  Our first month of trying and we are pregnant!  I feel so blessed and grateful for this baby and I love it so much already!  Our estimated due date is about January 24th but dont’ hold me on that because my cycles have been very very wonky lately.  Being pregnant again stirs up a whole whack of new emotions the first being the worry that comes with the first trimester!

When I was pregnant with Jacob I felt constantly worried and what I’ve learned from that is that you can only do your part (take good care of your body by eating well, taking vitamins, being active, seeing the doctor) and that if something “bad” is going to happen in  your pregnancy then it’s going to happen.  I am trying to be more relaxed and laid back during this pregnancy so I’m going to journal about it in my blog and try to share my thoughts as we bake this lil baby! There’s a catch tho….

Both Mike and I are keeping these blog posts private until we tell our family and friends, which we anticipate will be some time around 10 weeks pregnant because we’d like to get in to see the doctor before sharing the news.  We’re already thinking up cute ways to tell the family and I’ve found a really cute t-shirt that I want to buy so that Jacob can be the one to surprise them I think!  So when these posts finally make public I want you all to know that we didnt’ keep it a secret from you because we didnt want to tell you – TRUST ME we’re both dying to tell someone!  We just want to do it so we’re as stress free as possible during the first trimester….with me already having my weight working against me I want to keep my blood pressure down and focus on diet and good health! So Mom and Lisa and others – we want you to know..we just want to enjoy it by ourselves first!

So that’s it folks we’re having another baby!  Will it be a hamburger or a hotdog?  We dont’ know but whatever it is we have lots of love to give and we’re both really excited!

A Really Great Day!

I am officially on Vacation as of today (Monday) and truthfully I couldn’t be happier.  Yesterday was a really great day – in fact the entire weekend was just a really awesome time with the family.  When we got up this morning we were surprised to find out that Victoria (The MIL) had brought us all fresh bagels with cream cheese!  Yum-O!  What a total delight!  After breakfast we packed up and went outside for a nice long walk with the wagon.  Jacob does so much better in the wagon now then last year!  It was so cute to watch him bumping along as Mama or Dada pulled him.

Along the way we stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up about 70$ worth of stuff that we needed for around the house and of course totally rocking cool curious george band-aids for Jacob!  One last stop at the bank and we were on our way again!

There’s something so fulfilling, so rewarding and fantastic about carefree, unplanned days with the family.  I know that we’ll have a lot less weekend family time then we did previously with my return to shift work so we are enjoying every moment that we have and how could we not when you have such a vibrant, smart, well behaved toddler like Jacob – his smile and character just brighten my day!

After Jacob went for a nap his Nana and Papa took him for a couple hours while Mama and Dada were off to dinner and a movie!  We had dinner at one of our favorite places – Montanas – then we hop skipped and jumped across the lot to the movie theatre to see the new Indiana Jones movie!  It was really a great movie and I’m glad we decided to see that one!

A Day Outdoors!

We had a really great day today enjoying the weather while we visited Nana and Papa!  I thought I’d blog today with a few pictures of the day.  Earlier we had gotten Jacob’s hair cut by a nightmare hair dresser so it was nice to relax and enjoy a barbeque with the family! Jacob’s hat was way too big so eventually we had to roll up the rim!  Just like a Tim Horton’s coffee!!