Bounce Bounce Shoot!

For several weeks Jacob would often times walk around proclaiming BOUNCE BOUNCE SHOOT – while vicotriously throwing his arms into the air.  I asked him several times what bounce bounce shoot meant but he always just grinned real big and loudly proclaimed BOUNCE BOUNCE SHOOT again.  I eventually just gave up trying to figure out what it was and assumed it was something he had picked up from a television program.  Then last week while we were out and about for a walk we passed the basket ball court where several young boys were playing a game of basketball.  I was very surprised when Jacob ran quickly to the fence and watched the boys play with his face pressed up against the chain link while loudly proclaiming BOUNCE BOUNCE SHOOT!  *ding ding ding*  BASKETBALL! I guess over the past months that Victoria (the MIL) has been watching Jacob she frequently would pass the basketball courts and Jacob somehow learned that the boys bounce the ball a couple of times then shoot for the basket!  WOW!  The kid is very interested in basket ball so I think my mom is going to get him a little 3 foot tall basketball net for his birthday by little tikes!  I sure hope he loves it as much as he loves watching the boys play!

3 thoughts on “Bounce Bounce Shoot!

  1. Yea it does seem so obvious now….LOL….in the moment I was smashing my pretty little head against a wall!

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