Guess Who’s Back….

Melissa’s back! I’m pretty sure most of you missed me while I was gone from the blogging world but I needed a break from the public eye for a while. The winter weather always has this horrible way of sneaking up on me and causing months of feeling down in the dumps. Alas, the spring has arrived and with that a renewed sense of energy and I’m just feeling wonderful these days. I’ll do my best over the next little while to bring you all up to speed on the happenings of my life but let me give you the quick speed version.

You might recall that last July when I went back to work, I was going back to a job at a diferent location because our location was under a four month renovation. The bonus about that situation is that we all got to do out-patient work with a Monday to Friday with shifts that were 9 am – 5pm – what turned out to be an even greater bonus was that our four month renovation because an 11 month renovation and here we are at the beginning of May and we are finally scheduled to return to our old job where we work shift work that includes weekends. I feel lucky to have had that opportunity for the past little while and I have mixed feelings about going back to shift work. The truth is shift work really works for Mike and I because we use less daycare and while we both worked 9-5 it was Mike’s mother (with a little help from my mom now and then) that provided our day care on an almost full time basis. Shift work works well for us because while it means less time together as an entire family, Jacob will have more time overall with each of his parents. Truthfully, I have not worked my actual job description for nearly 2 years now having been on maternity leave the entire year before the renovation and sick leave prior to that. I’m curious to see how long it takes for me to get back into the flow of things; I have no doubt it won’t take too long.

Jacob is just a blessing. I don’t know how else to explain it because that is truly what he is to us. Sometimes when we are having what we consider a hard day for us, we see another toddler throwing huge tantrums and being unmanageable and we are quickly reminded of how lucky we are to have Jacob who isn’t perfect but he is completely happy and always managable; we really have no complaints! Jacob has been that way from the beginning really, he slept well from the start and was a quiet baby that met all his milestones on time or ahead of the game – which I met add was pretty darn good for a baby born a month early! I feel like he is such a hilarious soul with this huge curiousity for the world around him. Jacob is basically like an absorbant sponge right now and will demonstrate that to people when he is in the right mood and wants to do so. He’s learned to count to ten except that he forgets the number 5, he is slowly learning to recognize letters of the alphabet, and what we think is hilarious is that the kid can find Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Australia on the world map! Mike is trying to teach hime Mongolia right now which just cracks me up! His vocabulary is expanding on a daily basis and it astounds us all the time. Just the other night we asked Jacob where Mr. Moon was and he responded that “Mr. Moon in sky sleeping” so I asked him where Mr. Sun was to which he replied “Mr. Sun sleep in sky too!”. It’s totally overwhelming to think of how much kids his age are learning and absorbing of our world. I want to be little like him and feel that same joy – the joy of not knowing and suddenly finding out for the first time!

Mike and I are doing fabulously well in our relationship. We’re about to embark on a spring cleaning frenzy in preparation for a move to a bigger place – we’re looking at a 3 or 4 bedroom place and we’re excited to have the extra room! We’re not sure how long it will be until we move but we’re hoping it’s no longer then 6 months. For inquiring minds – we are NOT expecting a new baby at any time soon and truthfully we are completely content and happy with our life the way it is – this is not to say that we are not thinking of expanding our family but we are not currently expecting any new blessings into our family! So please stop asking, joking, encouraging us! We’ll make the decision in our own time when it feels right to us!

I’m sure there is tons more I could say but the night is growing late and I am growing weary! I’m back in full force so watch out stalkers…..err bloggers!

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