Happy Birthday My Love!

Today Mike celebrates his thirty first twenty first birthday! I was thinking back to the first birthday of his that we celebrated together and how it seems so long ago now. I remember that on that birthday we had only been together a short time and I wanted to get him a gift but I didn’t want to go crazy I love you over the top! It’s so funny to recall it now. Anyways, Happy Birthday My Love! Here’s to many more! Check us out from when we were early on in our dating….I was in a wedding party and he was at a wedding where he basically knew nobody, had to sit at a table full of my family members, and I was very busy at another table fulfilling my maid of honour duties! Gosh I love this dude!

One thought on “Happy Birthday My Love!

  1. I remember my first birthday when we were to dating. Your choice of presants was perfect (The Born Movies (1,2) and America the Book)

    I love you too honey.


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