Inspired by Swim Class

Tonight we took Jacob to swim class!  It’s something we’ve been doing as a family and I’m quite fond of watching my little guy in the water with Mike.  Mike and I always want our children to feel supported and encouraged by us – so we plan to try and have both of us at classes, activities, etc. as our kids grow up.  I think it’s important for children to feel like their parents care about their interests and acheivements so if both of us are there it shows in some way that we are both invested in him.  I know that we will not always be able to both be there but we’ll try to do our best!  I love it when I’m sitting on the sidelines at the pool and Jacob looks up to find me from way across the pool and shouts MAMA! while he waves his hands in a flail overhead!  It just melts my heart and makes me want to leap up and flail my arms back at him but instead I lift my hand and wave with a big smile of my face – sometimes I give a big thumbs up when he’s done something like kicked his legs or stuck his head under the water.

Next swim session we’re hoping to put Jacob in Tiny Tots – this will be a huge transition for us because it wil be the first time Jacob will be in the water without his Mama or Dada!  Yikes!  The swim instructor does a one on one 15 minute lesson twice a week with Jacob – then if possible I think Mike and Jacob will also do the Guardian swim once a week!  It’s really super important to Mike and I that Jacob learns how to swim and how to be independant in the water.  There is no doubt that he will not be permitted alone in the water anywhere for a very long time but I want him to begin to get the tools to help himself survive in case (god forbid) an accident might happen.

What’s most important is that we want Jacob and any future children to enjoy activities that are active – Jacob will start learning to skate this winter in preparation for hockey.  We’ll give it a go and if he’s not interested after a while we’ll try something different!  In the summer we’d love for him to be active in a sport like soccer or baseball!  Only time will tell what interests Jacob but I know I’m excited to find out what he’ll enjoy doing as he gets older!

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