Random Brain Burst…

Wow, I never realized how badly the laundry had piled up until I went to do it all today and spent 3.5 hours from start to finish to get approximately 10 loads (including all the towels and bed sheets) complete.  I just can’t believe how much clothes we have (Mike and I) so we spent a good portion of the time purging what we no longer wore, what didn’t fit, or what might be in rough shape!  Yay us.  We’re trying to de-clutter, re-organize, and go with the philosophy that less is more.  It’s going to be a process because we’ve been holding onto stuff for years now and it’s just time to get rid of it before we move into our bigger place!  I’m psyched about the process but I know it will be difficult because we’re both very emotionally attached to some of our things that we had before even meeting each other so I’m anxious to see how much stuff we can get rid of in the end.  One thing that really bothers me is the abundance of cables that are around this place.  We have too so much technology in this household and with that comes cords, cords cords – well I am declaring that it is time to purge!  We have no need for the multitude of cables!  Another irritating thing is the papers that we seem to keep!  We need a filing cabinet!  I think we really seriously need to look into one because there are papers in A LOT of our drawers!  I declare that it is time to pull out the shredder and get rid of MOST of this craziness!

I guess what the big deal is that we need change!  We need more space, we need to re-evaluate several things in our life and move forward towards the future with a refreshed idea of what that future will look like!  Another thing that I want to do is work on resumes for both Michael and myself.  The moment that I am on vacation I think I will begin tackling this!  I think it’s important to always have a resume ready because you never know when a new opportunity might come knocking on your doorstep!  I’m not contemplating a career change but Mike has (and needs to be) been contemplating one for a while!

Wish us luck.  I’m actually really excited about this!

3 thoughts on “Random Brain Burst…

  1. You only need a very small filing cabinet. Purge purge purge. Get rid of paper as soon as you no longer need them. I’m a minimalist and married a maximalist, it’s taken a while, but we’ve met at a common place. I made the mistake of believing that Ada needed every toy I ever saw, but I’m slowly correcting that also. Less is more.

  2. I was thinking we need a large filing cabinet, you know the long ones that slight out with the files horizontally. Then we could keep lots more papers 😉

    Also I’ve been thinking we need a bigger place just so Jacob can get more toys.

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