Super Secret Bloggy Post #2

Well, I’ve officially known that I am pregnant for three days now and truthfully the news is still settling in!  We’re having another baby!  Wow.  I can slow feel my energy start to drain a little more each day but I know it’s just par for the course! Pregnancy symptoms are a good sign that the baby is safe and baking!  This pregnancy is starting out way different then my pregnancy with Jacob for 1 very distinct reason…with Jacob I had only very mild nausea related to taking my multi-vitamin – well yesterday I felt waves of nausea throughout the day but this morning I was practically sweating in bed while trying to prevent myself from a visit to pray with the porcelin god!  My face much to my dismay is breaking out like it normally does when dear old aunt flo comes to visit but still the witch is not here!  I called my doctor this morning to set up an appointment for a blood pregnancy test and then I guess we’ll officially know that we’re pregnant!  I’m really hoping my doctor will set up an ultrasound to help us figure out when our due date is because we are really not exactly sure when I would have ovulated – although we are guessing May 9th!  So I think that makes our due date either January 24th or 26th but I’ll get a good confirmation when I se my doctor and have her run some tests!

Aside from normal pregnancy symptoms I think I might have a slight cold or flu virus because I’m all congested and have “the runs”  (sorry but I’m painting a picture here) – this is very similar to Jacob’s pregnancy because I cam down with a nasty virus just after getting preggo with him too.  Thankfully I’m on vacation and I try to lay down and have an nap when Jacob has one.  I’ve been doing everything I need to do to take care of my baby by getting as much extra rest as I can, taking my multi-vitamin, taking a folic acid supplement, and following a good healthy diet.  I had my last half can of diet coke on Sunday (the day we found out I was pregnant) because I prefer not to have any caffeine in my pregnancy if I can manage that as well as artificial sweetners.  I was so proud of myself that I made it through my entire pregnancy with Jacob without any (after the last one on the day I found out) – The past 2 days have been hard and I’ve battled some headaches but I’ve also managed to do it without taking any tylenol which I also prefer not to take any medications during pregnancy so I feel proud of myself that I made it through some massive headaches without taking anything!  YAY me!

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