Super Secret Bloggy Post #3

Can I just say I love my doctor?  I LOVE MY DOCTOR!  Did you hear me?  I said…..I LOVE MY DOCTOR!

I went to talk to my family physican today about the positive pregnancy result I got on Sunday and gosh I’m just so in love with her.  I spent the whole morning worried that she would lecture me about my weight and of course she didn’t even mention it – I should have known this before hand because she has never hassled me about it or made me feel insigficant about it in the past.

After I told her I had 2 positive pregnancy tests we talked a lot about my delivery experience with Jacob and how traumatized I was by that and she agreed that she could understand my apprehensions about another pregnancy.  We talked a lot about whether I should deliver at a different hospital or try a different one this time and we both agreed that since I was quite fond of my previous Obsetrician that it made the  most sense to go back and see him since he is aware of the issues that happened with Jacob during delivery.  I explained to her how anxious I was to be back at that hospital after some of that treatment and she offered to call my OB when I decided to go see him to give him the heads up and let him know how I was feeling.  In the beginning Mike and I decided to do what’s called shared care where you stay with your family doctor up until 32 weeks then you are transferred to your OB but in our case we’d get transferred earlier because of the fluid problems that started around 30 weeks pregnant with Jacob – in addition she suggested that even after I am transferred to the OB I should come see her once a month or so just to talk about my feelings regarding delivering again.  Gosh I love this lady.  She really is a very professional and kind doctor!  When we were talking about my concerns with the rude attitudes we were confronted with by some people at the hospital she suggested that some doctors dont’ know how to treat a patient until they are a patient themselves.  I thought that was very insightful for her to say and I think i’ll remember those words throughout my pregnancy.  I told her I was worried about some of the things you hear about that come with added weight like increased risk of neural tube defects, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and she said very clearly – Melissa the chances are very high that you like all the other average sized moms out there will have a happy and healthy pregnancy and go on to deliver a happy and healthy newborn.  I feel so comfortable and reassured in her care that I am more then happy to stay with her up until around 24-28 weeks when I would be transferred back to my OB.

So we went through the usual routine and she ordered some blood work consisting of testing for things like HIV, she of course did the blood test for pregnancy which I think i’ll get the results back on Friday or at the latest Monday.  Lastly, because of my long cycle she wants a dating ultrasound as a starting place so she gave me a requisition to go get an ultrasound done whenever I want between now and my next appointment which is June 17th…..So all in all it was a great appointment….now I just need to decide when a good time to do the ultrasound would be….

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