Super Secret Bloggy Post #4

Well it’s now 6 days since we learned via 2 home pregnancy tests that we are expecting and so far it seems the pregnancy symptoms come and go.  In my first pregnancy having my symptoms disappear might have caused me to become alarmed but I remember that every day being pregnant is different.  I’ve been finding that the most difficult time of day for me is the afternoon when nausea hits  me in strong waves and it feels like I’m being smacked in the face with a trout or something.  Seriously!  I will be trudging along with the days events then suddenly I am smacked with sudden nausea and I just know that I need to sit down or lay down before I actually end up throwing up – to me there is nothing more horrible feeling then bending over the toilet to hurl your guts out so I try really hard to avoid that at all costs.  I was really fortunate with Jacob that I was rarely sick to my stomach but this pregnancy seems a bit different.  I find that when I wake up in the morning my stomach feels hollow – like I haven’t eaten for oh a week or so – and since we all know that is NOT the case I realize that the grumble in my tummy is just the growing baby saying “hey mom, spare me some food!”……

If anything at all is similar about this pregnancy compared to the pregnancy with Jacob it’s that a week after I found out I was pregnant with Jacob I became extremely ill with a sinus infection and a sore throat – well right now I am curled up on the couch with a blanket, some kleenex, juice and hand sanitizer!  Yes!  I am sick again!  I think my body goes into overdrive trying to bake babies that it forgets to kick my immune system into gear to fight off other infections!  Grr!  I hate feeling sick – and what could be worse then that?  Being sick AND pregnant and UNABLE to take anything to help with the sickness!  I suppose I could take some tylenol but I’d like to believe that I could make it through this pregnancy without any medication like I did with Jacob…so I’m giving it a miserable shot!

The day after my doctor’s appointment this week I called to book my ultrasound so that we can get a due date for our little bean and Mike and I decided that June 10th would be a good day for that to happen.  We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what our true due date would be so that we could make sure we were far enough along in our pregnancy to be able to see a heartbeat!  Since we guess our due date is some where between January 24th – 30th we think that we’ll be over 6 weeks pregnant for all possible due dates!  Please God let us see a heartbeat!  On Friday morning I called the doctor’s office to request the results of our blood pregnancy test but they did not call me back as they promised!  So, we’re still waiting for the official results that will tell us we’re definitely having another baby – although I’d be very surprised if it told us we were not since aunt flo is still not here and pregnancy tests rarely ever have false positives.

So there you have it…..That’s all the update I have for now!

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