What Did He Just Say?

There was a moment tonight where I’m sure my jaw disjointed from my face and fell in a direct plummet to the floor – landing there with a resounding thump as my son said to me – Hi MommY…..

Now most people would presume that this was an every day occurence for the mom of a near 2 year old but for me I have grown accumstom to Jacob excitedly calling me MAMA.  I can’t say I thought he’d call me Mama forever but I sure as heck didn’t think he’d make the switch already and I’ve gotta share that I’m totally feeling a variety of emotions about this.  First I’m happy to see his vocabulary expanding and it’s wonderful to hear new words every day – it reminds me that we’re on track (even ahead in some things) in terms of development!  The second thing it does for me is causes me a pang of sadness – Mama was such a sentimental word for me…I just loved hearing him call me his Mama and maybe I imagined that he’d always call me Mama so that’s why it’s so hard to hear.  When I think about it logically i guess I cant picture my 22 year old son calling me up on the phone and saying “Hi Mama, college is going great”….

For now I guess I’ll revel in the change and hope that he’ll continue calling me Mama for just a little while longer!  Just don’t expect me to change my blog name to Mommy Melissa…..not happening folks.

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