Why I Love This Little Fella…

As all you bloggy readers know Mike and I are both working parents and as its worked out we both each watch Jacob one day a week and Mike’s mother watches Jacob on the other three days. The past few weeks have been a bit different as I adjust back to my “old” schedule at work and Mike and his mother have picked up the day that I would usually stay home. Being a WOOTHM (Work Outta The Home Mama) has it’s pluses and minuses no doubt but we’ve really managed to make it work for our family. My job provides little flexibility around the schedule and going forward I will have to work 3 weekends out of a 6 week cycle. This is how my schedule use to look before I went on maternity leave so I am no stranger to it, what I’m slightly concerned about is how we will visit the various grandparents spilled all across the city. I guess Mike is going to have to be responsible for doing this while I am at work. We’ve never seemed to have enough time to fit everyone and everything that we want to do as a family into a weekend when we are both off… I have no idea how we will do it when I’m working on the weekends!

Oh well! I dont’ want to waste my time getting my panties in a wad over it! I truly believe that life turns out how it’s supposed to be in the end so I just lift my chin up into the sunlight and press forward with curiosity about how the new schedule will look! The bonus is that I will have some weeks where I am home on two weekdays and another more favourable option is the off Monday/Tuesday and Saturday/Sunday part of the rotation! I’d like to say we’ve made pretty good child care choices so far – Jacob has never been watched by anyone other then his grandparents – this was really important to us in his first two years of life because we wanted him to feel secure and close to his family. In his first year of life we were really apprehensive and probably a bit too uptight about leaving him without us – I can definitely see how we might be a bit different with another child. I think we did a-ok if you ask me! Jacob is perfectly adjusted and has never experienced a drop of seperation anxiety. My transition back to work was smooth and almost effortless (definitely harder on Mama then on Jacob!) and Jacob is a very well adjusted, happy, easy to manage toddler. No complaints.

I love this kid so much! Just the other day he said something that just sent a spark to my heart! We’ve been telling Jacob that Mama and Dada go to work to “bring home the bacon” and after Mike dropped me off at scrapbooking this weekend he stopped by my mom’s house for a visit (see this is how we manage fitting in the grandparents sometimes) and my mom asked Jacob where his Mama was – Jacob responded by saying “at work” and Mike asked him “Jacob what does Mama do at work?” to which Jacob replied “make bacon!”

Do you see how impossible it is NOT to love this little fella?

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