Birthday Party Success!

Yesterday was Jacob’s 2nd birthday party and it was such a success that we are all so exhausted today and have spent much of the day trying to recooperate!  The weekend was filled with record breaking temperatures and after spending yesterday (party day) outside in the scorching heat, we were all happy to be at home in the air conditionning with our feet kicked up!  Thanks to all of our family and friends who came out for the party!  We love each and every one of you and Jacob is so lucky to have so many great people to share in his special memories!  We’re happy to report that we did not come home with “too many toys” and a lot of the things that Jacob got were educational so while we are scrambling to find space for some new things…’s actually not as bad as we had anticipated!  Here’s a few pics from Jacob’s special day!

And last but definitely not least…this is how the adults were cooling off!

3 thoughts on “Birthday Party Success!

  1. Okay, where’d you get the shirt. I am doing personalized shirts every year, and then for their 13th birthday, I’ll present them with a t-shirt quilt made from the previous 12 shirts. Maybe I won’t last past 9, but anywho, I wasn’t particularly impressed with this years shirt, but I LOVE yours!

  2. Oh I have a great ebay seller who makes them for us! She made last years and this years! If you want the name let me know!

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