Both of my boys are gone this weekend up to my parents cottage in Wasaga Beach.  My  mother needed Mike’s help moving something and I had to work so the compromise was that I would stay home and the boys would could go up and help out.  It turns out that I wasn’t feeling well and ended up calling in sick to work today and boy oh boy did I really need it.  Yesterday when I got home from work I slept from 330 until 730 pm and then I fell asleep around 11pm and woke up at 7 am – after being awake for just a few hours I ended up back in bed at 10 am and slept until 12 pm and I am finally starting to feel refreshed.  It’s so weird to be around the house without the men in my life and it definitely was weird (although somewhat nice to stretch out) to sleep in the bed without Mike last night.  I’m not sure what time they’ll be back today but I am currently contemplating cleaning the kitchen and making something nice for dinner.  When I spoke to Mike last night he said he had a hard time getting Jacob to go to sleep in the bed with him which I suspected since Jacob doesn’t really enjoy sleeping anywhere else except his crib – I suspect he’ll sleep well tonight when he’s back at home in his own familiar environment. I’ve been sitting here most of the weekend thinking about some of the stuff that we need to get rid of around here in preparation for a move to a 4 bedroom house soon.  I tried to make a plan of attack but truthfully it’s too overwhelming and I really dont’ want to take all the crap in this place with us to the new bigger place.  Anyways I’m rambling and boring the heck out of myself now so I’m sure you bloggy people are no less entertained – I’m off to dig around in the freezer for something to make tonight!

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