Gearing Up For the Birthday Bash

I haven’t written in the past couple of days because our household has basically been on lock down!  I fell very ill with a sinus infection that just won’t go away and then to make matters worse Jacob has become sick with a cold too……….so we’ve been trying to have everyone get rested up because Saturday is Jacob’s 2nd birthday party!  I’ve been making lists of the things that need to get down before then (like picking up food, loot bags, picking up the cake and balloons, etc). In addition to making sure everything we need for the party gets done I also need to wrap Jacob’s presents and work on his 2 year letter (for those that dont’ know I’ve been writing letters to him as he hits certain milestones).  So the reasons for my absense from the bloggy world are legit and accounted for!  I can’t wait to share pictures from Jacob’s party day on Saturday!

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