Graduation Day

Yesterday afternoon while I was relaxing on the couch browsing Just Mommies I heard a loud thump and then a scream come from Jacob’s room.  Jacob had been napping the 2 hours prior to that moment and in the past few weeks he had been successfully climbing out of his crib unharmed – I leaped up as fast as my plus sized body could leap from the couch and hurried to his bedroom; Jacob had indeed fallen from the rail of the crib.  I made the decision then and there that we were done with the crib and when Mike came home I had him remove the rail from his crib and off we went to babies r us to find a guard so that he wouldn’t fall off the bed at night.  We found a relatively good one for $19.99 and Mike set it up!  Jacob and I were off visiting my mom last night an didn’t get home to 10:15 pm and somehow I expected that he would just go to his bed and fall fast asleep without worry.  Ha!  I was fooling myself because Jacob kept coming out into the living room and proclaiming that it was time to “Play!” and we continually gave him the message that “It was time for sleeping” and put him back into his bed.  Eventually Mike had to lie down on the floor in Jacob’s room and the little fella was able to fall asleep!  Whew!  10:45 pm was the time on the clock!  It had taken us 30 minutes to get him to sleep in his toddler bed which was a lot shorter then I had anticipated when he started coming out.  Today I have to work so I’m not certain what Mike plans to do about nap time but I hope that it goes well and that there are not too many struggles!  I guess I’ll find out later!

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