Rain Rain Go Away!

For the past 2 weeks we’ve had what seems like Thunder Storms every 2-3 days primarily in the evenings but also during the day on some occasions.  A normal person might welcome the storms and perhaps even sit on their covered porch to watch them but as a migraine sufferer I have got to say the shifts in the pressure are starting to make me very irritable.  I know we need the rain to make things grow but honestly this is getting a bit much!  Next week marks the first day of July (and my birthday!) and while I don’t mind the cool weather I’d really like for the storms to hit the highway.  When it storms we are primarily stuck inside with Jacob all day long which  makes for a very long day!  I am wondering what the summer has in store for us and hoping that the temperatures will be manageable.  Last summer was a scorcher of a summer and this past winter was filled with a ton of snow and freezing temperatures so I’m hoping that Mother Nature is going to provide us some respite this time around!  I love the East Coast weather of the maritimes where the days are warm but not humid and the nights are cool and perfecting for walking.  I know, I know that’s a lot to ask for when you live in Toronto but I’d like to believe that despite our over population and pollution it is possible – anything is possible afterall right?

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