Super Secret Bloggy Post #10

I went to the mail today with strong hopes that the t-shirt I had ordered for Jacob was going to be there but much to my dismay it was not.  It is getting harder and harder to hold this secret in because my pregnancy symptoms are crazy this go around.  I’ve avoided seeing my mom when I’ve really wanted to because my face is all broken out and she’s going to think I’ve gone mad on the chocolate or something!  Ha!  I have a few close people I am dying to tell but I have the plan so sorted out in my head that everything just has to go according to my brilliant idea!  The truth is that Mike and I are enjoying having our secret right now because we’re really just having a good time getting through early pregnancy without a kazillion people asking how I’m doing or blaming a bad day on pregnancy hormones.

The pregnancy continues to progress slowly on some days and then sometimes it seems to be going so fast.  On Monday I’ll be 9 weeks pregnant according to the ultrasound (almost 10 weeks according to what Mike and I know and believe) and that means I’ll be just 3 weeks shy of the second trimester and 1/3 of the way to meeting the new addition (and possibly final addition) to our family.  I have a strong feeling about what the baby is this time around which is different because with Jacob I didnt’ have a single clue – I just know that when the ultrasound lady said it’s 100% a boy…Mike and I both felt at peace with that, as if it was the perfect most pleasant happening in the world.  I’ve decided not to tell anyone what my intuition is telling me because I just don’t appreciate comments from other people that are uneccesary or inapropriate and I’m happy right now in my little pregnancy bubble.

Pardon the language but I’ve been feeling like shit lately with the horrible all day long morning sickness.  I have continued to try all the old tricks but honestly I can usually take in about 1/3 of my meal before I feel the urge to barf my guts out.  My sense of smell is incredibly heightened and completely random smells will cause me to dry heave instantly and once I start it’s impossible to stop for at least 30-45 minutes at a time.  I’m in good mood despite all of this because I continually remind myself that pregnancy symptoms hopefully equals good healthy growing baby.  I mostly feel bad for Jacob because we’ve done a lot less going outside to play and a lot more staying indoors on my days off because I’m too afraid to be away from the house and need to hurl!  No offence but I’d prefer not to be mistaken for some random intoxicated girl hurling over a street garbage can!  In my whole life, I’ve never been a puker!  On the rare occasions that I have puked it has been such an ordeal for me and I find myself hyperventilating with streams of tears running dowm my cheeks!  Alas, I have had to get use to these unfamiliar sensations during this pregnancy because it is just such a frequent symptom for me now!

I’ve been craving fish and chips the past couple of days so Mike is going to get some from our favorite 5th Street location on his way home from work!   I hope that my stomach can handle it because I’ve been thinking about it non-stop for the past 24 hours!  Mmm….I love fish and chips with tarter sauce and malt vinegar on the chips!  Jacob has never had fish and chips from 5th Street so I’m excited that he’ll get to taste it for the first time tonight!  Hooray!!  I think I would enjoy a nice ice cold diet coke with my fish and chips but I have sworn off the liquid heroin for the duration of my pregnancy and will not be indulging so water will have to suffice!  On that note, I’m really surprised that none of my close friends or family have taken notice of the lack of diet coke in my life…the ONLY time I’ve given it up was when I was pregnant with Jacob and I thought for sure it would be a dead give away!  Apparently not!  Ha!

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