Super Secret Bloggy Post #6

We’re still pregnant!  Hooray!  At this point we’re not sure exactly what our due date is because there is some issue around a late ovulation that we haven’t exactly figured out yet!  What we do know is that we are somewhere between the 6-7 week mark as of tomorrow (we think).  On Tuesday we heard back from our doctor that our blood pregnancy test came back positive just like we were anticipating!  The doctor said that all of our blood test results came back normal (when you’re pregnant you get tested for things like HIV, toxoplasmosis, etc) so we were happy to see that nothing in my body was working against our little snowflake.  The doctor thinks that on the day of our test (last Wednesday) we were about 5 weeks pregnant because our HCG (the pregnancy hormone) was at 781 which is consistent with between about 2-3 weeks past conception – we can hardly wait for our ultrasound next tuesday – I think after that we’ll both breathe a lot easier knowing that our little baby is safe and comfy in the uterus where it should be!

I’ve been doing ok so far in terms of pregnancy symptoms – I try to remember that everything that happens to your body during pregnancy happens for a reason and that I’m doing my job of helping our baby grow an thrive.  For a few days I had the “poops” but now I’m back to the constipation that I had when I was pregnant with Jacob!  Grr!  I have acne on my face like crazy which I did NOT have when I was pregnant with Jacob and I am having morning sickness (rather ALL day sickness) which I also did not have with Jacob!  All my old tricks from being pregnant with him that had to do with avoiding morning sickness are not working!  In fact after hurling at work (how pleasant is that) I needed to come home from work today and when I got home I fell fast asleep from 2 pm until 5 pm.  CRAZY!  I’ve been eating exceptionally well so far and I’ve managed to cut out diet coke cold turkey again!  In fact I’ve lost about 8 pounds since becoming pregnant – but I promise I’m eating!  I really am!  I’m feeling a bit more short fused with “stupid people” these days and I find that I’m easier annoyed and more likely to be “snappy” or “snarky” – poor people.  Thankfully as previously with Mike and I am not more emotional or snappy with him and I think that’s because I just really love him so much and appreciate that we were able to make another beautiful baby together!

I’m still in quite a shock at how fast we were able to get pregnant – we had hoped for a January/February baby and we got our wish!  I feel really blessed to have gotten pregnant on the first try although I’m wondering if Mike is a bit bummed that the “trying process” didn’t last a bit longer then just one magical try on his birthday!  Ha!  Poor fella!  I can’t help but love him!  At this point nobody at all knows that we are pregnant and while we’re DYING to tell people, we’re also enjoying the fact that right now, at this moment, this pregnancy and this baby is only OURS and nobody elses!  We get to be excited alone for a while and that really feels fantabulous (yes I know that’s not a word but it works for me).  We anticipate that we might tell our immediate family members shortly after our ultrasound – this greatly depends on if Jacob’s special big brother announcement t-shirt arrives!  i was hoping to hold out until my birthday on July 1 but I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep the secret with me feeling as blah blah as I do today.

I’ll leave you today with a few cool pics that I found on another blog and I’m hoping that it’s ok for me to use them here!  Here’s some cool comparison pics to the size of the baby right now at 6 and 7 weeks gestation!

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