Super Secret Bloggy Post #7

There’s not much to report on the pregnancy home front…so far so good I suppose!  Yesterday we were so busy trying to have Jacob’s birthday party that I pretty much forgot that I was pregnant.  I tried really hard to make sure I was drinking a ton of water because the humidity and heat here in Toronto was record setting.  I’m feeling totally and completely blah on some days and on other days it’s as if I am not even pregnant.  I am still losing a bit of weight thanks to the diet change and the elimination of diet coke but I think (hopefully) that things should settle down a bit here soon.  I am already reminded of how little there is in terms of options for beverages when I am pregnant and not drinking diet coke….I am not a huge juice fan so I have one small glass of apple or orange juice every 2-3 days, one glass of milk per day, and about 12 cups of water (at least a day) – I’m pretty sure I’ll get bored of this pretty fast, but I just remind myself that it’s better for me and the bambino and it makes the time go by more quickly.

We are still sort of undecided about when to tell people that we are expecting a baby because frankly we both are dying to tell our parents but we really want them to be surprised!  Both of our mothers at one point in the last 2 weeks have asked us if I was pregnant and our response has always been “when Melissa is pregnant you’ll find out at the appropriate time”…..what we mean by appropriate is when Jacob’s darn shirt arrives that we ordered for him to make the announcement!  I hope the silly tee gets here soon because I have a funny feeling we’ll really be wanting to tell some people after our ultrasound on Tuesday.  We both have the day off for other medical appointments so it’s going to be nice to go to the ultrasound together and hopefully get to see our January baby’s heartbeat pounding away! Ahhh!!!  I just cant’ believe our ultrasound is only 2 days away – I’m filled with a whole whack of emotions about it because I just want everything to be ok and I really feel that all will be well – at the same time I know that things can go wrong but I have decided with this pregnancy to just accept that I cannot prevent something horrible from happening aside from doing the things that are my part – diet, exercise, prenatal vitamins, sleep, etc.  I’m hoping that we’ll see the little flicker of a heartbeat and get some cute (although most likely not baby looking yet) pictures that we can scan and share on the blog!

Well I guess that’s the update for now….like I said there is not much change from the last time I updated!  Stay tuned for an update Tuesday after our ultrasound!

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