Super Secret Bloggy Post #18

Well the reason I didn’t post this on Monday is because I wanted to wait until I was exactly 13 weeks and 3 days to say out loud….

I’m in the SECOND TRIMESTER!!!!  Woot!  Partay!  The pregnancy is now officially 1/3rd over!  Sweet deal if you ask me!  I’m thrilled about that and hoping that the second trimester will bring good health and NO morning sickness! ? Truthfully, I continue to have some good days and some not so good days and I’m looknig forward to more good days then bad days in the near future….afterall that’s what the second trimester promises right?  I’m still not complaining much because like i’ve always maintained I believe that the aches and agonys of pregnancy are all part of growing a healthy little baby.

This week the baby is roughly the size of a peach….Yum I love peaches!

Last Thursday we had our first trimester screening which is a screening test for trisomy disorders and down syndrome. We were quite happy an anxious to get to see the baby again on ultrasound and it was a great appointment there at the ultrasond clinic.  The baby had a heartbeat of 150 and was moving around so much that our ultrasound pictures are just horrible!  Silly baby!  We watched the little bean kick its legs and wave its arms all around as if to tell us all hello!  So we of course said hello right back to the little sweetpea!  During the testing portion the scan looks at the fluid at the back of the baby’s neck and gives a measurement in millimetres…our baby’s fluid measured 1.7 – dont’ ask me what a normal measurement is but if it helps at all Jacob’s was 1.3.  Ater the ultrasound we were off to Mount Sinai hospital to get the blood work portion of the screening done and let me tell you….we waited nearly 2.5 hours to get our turn for that blood work!!!  The place was PACKED!  When it was all said and done we met up with my mother and had a nice lunch out together.

In other pregnancy related news we have started to slowly let the news leak out to the various important people in our lives.  After Sofia’s party we were able to tell Lisa and Jim finally along with some other friends that were there at the time!  Everyone seemed really surprised and it was really fun to have Jacob wear his big bro t-shirt to surprise everyone!  Look how darn cute he looked in it…

Mike told his father an some of his trivia buddies on Monday and this past Wednesday I told some of my colleagues at work; tomorrow I’m hoping to drive over to my dad’s and surprise him.  I think by the end of the week I’ll be able to make all my Super Secret Bloggy Posts all public!  Sweet deal once again!

So that’s basically it for this week..

Here’s some new important dates:

August 12th – Ultrasound and First OB appointment.

September 11th – Anatomical Ultrasound

None Shall Enter…..

Well the time finally came about a week ago for us to put a safety lock on our refridgerator…

I always suspected that the time would come when Jacob would be able to open the fridge door and help himself to a snack or two or three but I didn’t think it would happen until he was 3 years old.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that this creative child of mine is at the 100th percentile for height and probably does have the strength of an actual three year old.  I knew that it was time for the lock when Jacob came out from the kitchen dragging the milk jug and proclaiming “Jacob wants milk!” with the long trail of milk along the floor behind him into the living room!  At first I suspected it might be a one day lucky thing that he was able to get the door open but the following day he brought out the defrosting chicken I had in the fridge and declared “Want Some!” – oh it was time indeed for a fridge safety lock.

I’m sure that some people would have absolutely no problem with their children going into the refridgerator and helping themselves to some food…truth be told I wouldn’t have a problem with it either.  What is most frightening for me is the stories of children playing hide and seek in refridgerators only to die when nobody realizes that the fridge is where they were “hiding” – so the safety lock was the only way for us to go.  You can scream paranoid mom all you want these are real stories that happened to real people who least suspect it.  Just a few months ago a mom on one of my boards had her 2 year old son die when a dresser he was climbing toppled over on him…so yeah – I’m completely 100% cool with being labelled a paranoid mom.  I’ll do what it takes to make sure that rare “accidents” don’t become common accidents in our home!

Jacob seems to have not even noticed the fridge lock….every now and then he’ll go by and tug on the handle hoping that one of us might have forgotten to lock the door; no such luck kiddo!  Keep trying though…we admire your perseverance!!!

Like a Fish In Water….

I’m sure I’ve mentionned this before in my bloggy world stories but Jacob had been attending guardian swim classes with either Mike or myself since he was 6 months old and while he loved being in the water we really felt that we were paying and he just wasn’t learning anything.  When registering Jacob for swim classes this summer we decided to put him in the tiny tots program which is basically preschool level 1, preschool level 2, and preschool level 3 – Jacob was at the very bottom of the age category for these levels (ages 2-5) and technically he could have continued to stay in guardian swim until he was 3 years old but we decided our money would be better spent trying to see how tiny tot’s went.

Jacob was registered in preschool level one and we did suspect that Jacob would be at this level for at least 2-3 sessions since he had never been swimming with a teacher only and no parent.  Much to or surprise at Jacob’s last class for this session the teacher provided us with his report card and Jacob has passed preschool level 1 and is moving on to preschool level 2!!!!  I am so proud of him!  What a great accomplishment in just one session without his parents!  Some of the skills he was able to master I would have never guessed he’d be able to learn so quickly! I know its not like he just won a nobel college scholarship or something but still it’s an accomplishment that Mike and I are very very proud of!  So when summer session 2 starts this week Jacob will be in Preschool Level 2!  I was browsing the list of things to learn in level 2 and it looks like a lot of the skills are much much harder then level 1 so I know he’ll have to really focus and probably be in that class for a few sessions!  Private lessons are really worth the money!  I am a huge advocate now for parents to pay the extra 40 bucks a session to get their child in a one on one class with a swim instructor!

Way to go little man!  You get a gold star from Mama!

My Monkey

Jacob is really loving to climb things in the park these days!  Today he finally mastered the wood and chain ladder at the closest park to our house.  It’s neat to see him learning new things every day and I can only imagine what he’ll be climbing next!

Camping Pictures!

Well we were back a couple days ago from our camping trip in PA, U.S.A and it was really fun!  Jacob loved every single moment of it and I’m sure he could have stayed another 2 weeks if we would have allowed it.  The park was right in front of our campsite and he could just run over and play while we sat in camping chairs and watched him from the campsite.  He was in toddler heaven…no doubt.  The KOA campground also had a pool and that was another hit with Jacob!  He loved going swimming with his nana, papa, mama, and dada!  His favorite part was his new life jacket that allowed him to swim in the deep end!  He could make it all the way across the pool and back several times on his own!  How fun!  The drive there and back was 4 hours each way but Jacob did fantastic in the car, didn’t cry once and we didn’t even need to use the DVD player on the way home at all!  Here’s a couple pics from the weekend!

Super Secret Bloggy Post #17

Wow I havent’ updated with any super secret bloggy posts in a while!  We just got back from camping yesterday and I’m happy to say that I survived in all my preggo-ness!  The biggest problem was that it was really very hot outside and the humidity was a killer!  I got over a lot of my fears about wearing a swim suit and did manage to go swimming a couple of times in the very public swimming pool at the campsite!  The water really helped me to cool down and keep my body temperature at a decent level.  The biggest struggle with being pregnant and camping is that I tend to pee 4-5 times per night and it was really a huge pain in the butt to have to walk in the dark across the campground to the bathroom.  Oh well..I survived!

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant!  Woweeeee!!  I can’t believe we’ve made it to the 12th week of pregnancy already! I am really very cautiously excited to see this baby on Thursday at our ultrasound!  I am really hoping to go to the ultrasound an see our baby with it’s beating heart and little arms and legs!  I feel like I’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief after that moment.  I promise to update the blog with the news after the appointment because as long as everything goes well at that appointment I will be going public with the news that we are pregnant.  The baby continues to grow and this week it is as big as a plum!

I can’t believe how much the baby has grown since it was the size of a grain of rice back in the early days!  I still think being the size of a plum is pretty small but so big in comparison to when it all started out!  Mike continues to call the baby “rice” ever since the day we both read that the baby was as “big as a grain of rice” and I really don’t love the nick name but he continues to use it.  Grrr.  I think he’ll stop using it once we see the baby this week in the ultrasound and he can see that it is clearly bigger then a grain of rice now!  Well, I don’t have any time to update more today….Jacob needs lunch and then I need to prepare for work tonight!  I’ll update more soon!

The Infamous “Fist-Bump”

I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about American politics but I do make it my business to understand American politics because the U.S.A is such a powerful nation in the world that I like to be aware of who is leading their darn country.  I am going to attempt to talk about what’s irritating me right now without sharing or expressing my own political views because I think that my own views have little to do with some of the idiocy that is going on right now as the United States prepares for their election this November.  Nobody has said that running to be the leader of a country is easy because your personal life becomes everyone elses knowledge and every moment in the public eye is scrutinized and assessed as people decide who is worthy lead their country… some extent I completely agree that this needs to take place but there comes a point when the scruntinizing, the assesssing, the thoughts and opinions go too far and end up in a place of ignorance and stupidity.

Recently Obama (the Democratic hopeful for the U.S.A election) was seen on camera “fist bumping his wife” if you are not sure what I’m speaking about I’ve kindly linked the You Tube video so that you can all see.

Suddenly it came out in the media (stupid Fox News to be exact) that this fist bump was the sign of a “terrorist”…..Are you freaking kidding me?  A terrorist?  What the heck is going wrong in the world when something so simple so fun loving and relaxed is interpreted as the sign of a terrorist.  I had kept my feelings back about this for so long because I just didn’t want to get into it – in my mind I knew the media was crazy and I just rolled it off my shoulders.  A friend of mine from the online world had written about this in her blog and I 100% agreed with her thoughts on the matter….the idea is simple put – absurd.  There is so much that goes on in the United States media that is purposely meant to instill fear into the American population….the idea that Obama and his wife are terrorists is preposterous, idiotic, and shows a huge lack of maturity and tact.  Just the other night as Mike and I were watching the Toronto Blue Jays take on the New York Yankee’s we observed two players involved in some “fist bump” action…surely they are terrorists too?

I guessI should be upfront and say that what has brought me to this point of anger is the recent cover of New Yorker Magazine.  The magazine cover depicts Obama dressed up in traditional muslim garb and his wife sporting some lovely “terrorist looking” clothing.  The scenery around them is less then heartening….they stand in the Oval office where a picture of Osama Bin Laden hangs on the wall, the american flag burns in the fire place, and a large machine gun is strapped to Obama’s wife’s back.  Pathetic.

I know that the hope of this cover was to draw light to the absurd idea that fist bumping equals a terrorist but truthfully I feel the magazine has crossed the line with this one and many people are crying out against the cover….I have no doubt that this cover might be pulled quickly from the shelves.   A spokesman for Obama called the magazine cover ” tasteless and offensive and frankly I couldn’t agree more…..even John McCain the Republican opponent to Obama is reacting with criticism to the cartoon.  I see the sarcasm, but I don’t feel the humor that it was hoped would be portrayed.  I am just mortified.  Utterly mortified.

One of Those “Awww” Moments

Tonight as usual I tucked Jacob into bed at the normal 8pm time and closed his door after a round of I love you’s and sleep tights.  About ten minutes later I checked up on him and he was laying in his crib still tucked in with his head on his pillow and it appeared that he was out like a light so I shut his door and went about my usual evening business – checking my message boards and thinking about (but not actually completing any) scrap booking.  I was feeling pretty exhausted so about ten minutes ago I went through my night time routine of turning all the lights out and getting ready for bed.  Just prior to climbing into bed I checked on Jacob one last time and he was laying on his pillow on the bedroom floor with his blanket over him and his arm tightly snug around his Coco monkey.  I sighed a happy sigh and bent down to pick him off the floor with his pillow and blanket and he opened his eyes and said love you mama then crashed back to sleep in his toddler bed again.  I quietly said I love you Jacob back to him and tucked his monkey back under his arm.  I love and am very grateful for the small moments like these where after a long day of limit setting and toddler redirection you can get that feeling that you are doing something right in raising that little life form.  Obviously I got a boost of energy after tucking him into his crib again because I am here typing the story to all my bloggy friends….I guess I just had to tell someone.

Super Secret Bloggy Post #16

11 weeks!  That’s right….today according to our last ultrasound I am 11 weeks pregnant!  I really can’t wait until our ultrasound on the 24th of July to see if we are further along like we suspect because gaining an extra week all of a sudden will be really exciting!  Truthfully, at the next ultrasound I’d just be happy to see the tilted uterus has corrected itself and our baby is still there alive and well with its magnificent heart beat!  Both of those things would just make the 24th of July a really great day!  The exciting part about being 11 weeks pregnant is that the embryo (baby) is now officially considered a fetus which means the most critical development of it’s body is complete! Apparently at some point during this week blood will begin to circulate between the uterus and the baby and the placenta will start to function!  How exciting is that?  I was wondering just yesterday when the placenta would start to take over for the yolk sac!  This week the baby is as big as a lime!

I’ve had more pregnancy dreams with this pregnancy in comparison to Jacob’s and so far it’s been one boy dream, two girl dreams, and a dream just last night about twins!  I seriously could not imagine being pregnant with twins but in my dream I was and I had a boy and a girl!  In the dream I went into labor at 33 weeks pregnant and baby boy was born weighing 4 pounds and baby girl was 3 pounds!  How crazy is that?!?!  I think the twin dream happened because my mom was teasing me last night that maybe I was pregnant with twins and I laughed and said I would need to win the lottery to which she replied that getting twins would be like winning the lottery in a different more exhausting kind of way.  Ha! The good thing is that when they did my ultrasound they only saw one sac and thankfully only ONE baby….of course with the tilted uterus there is a chance that one could hide but I seriously doubt it!

The heat of the summer feels about a million times worse then it has in previous summers and I think that has to do with my “morning sickness” or all day sickness as I’ve been calling it.  I still feel deceived by this term “morning sickness” since for many women, like me, it doesn’t go away all day and what’s worse for me is that it’s worse in the afternoon and early evening! I have had some days in the past week where I have felt ok, not perfect, but ok but then the morning sickness just creeps back in like it had not even gone anywhere!  I had another skin break out this week after a whole week of clear skin which is a complete bummer because I was really hoping I was finished with the whole pimply face thing that I had going on but nope….5 new pimples have surfaced in the past 3 days and I haven’t even looked in the mirror yet!

Tomorrow is my appointment with my family doctor and I’m both nervous and excited about it.  I’m excited because I just know each appointment means one step closer to meeting our little baby but I’m nervous because I have to have a pap and the last time I was pregnant they were very painful and uncomfortable for me.  *sigh* I get paranoid about the doctor digging around in there when the cervix is basically what’s keeping the baby secure and comfortable…Ha!  I am sure everything will go ok and I know my doctor would stop if it was causing me any horrifying pain so I just have to suck it up, quit whining and just go…which I will.

So there you have it folks..11 weeks along!  Soon we’ll be sharing with everyone especially our Dads and Lisa of course…..she’s back from Greece and I’m excited to get Jacob’s special t-shirt on to surprise her!