Camping Pictures!

Well we were back a couple days ago from our camping trip in PA, U.S.A and it was really fun!  Jacob loved every single moment of it and I’m sure he could have stayed another 2 weeks if we would have allowed it.  The park was right in front of our campsite and he could just run over and play while we sat in camping chairs and watched him from the campsite.  He was in toddler heaven…no doubt.  The KOA campground also had a pool and that was another hit with Jacob!  He loved going swimming with his nana, papa, mama, and dada!  His favorite part was his new life jacket that allowed him to swim in the deep end!  He could make it all the way across the pool and back several times on his own!  How fun!  The drive there and back was 4 hours each way but Jacob did fantastic in the car, didn’t cry once and we didn’t even need to use the DVD player on the way home at all!  Here’s a couple pics from the weekend!

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