Campsite is Booked and Other News

Well maybe my mention in my blog yesterday about not having a camp site booked got my mom motivated because she booked the camp site yesterday! The truth is she probably didn’t even read my blog and just got on the ball all on her lonesome!  Sweet deal!  She picked a site near the swimming pool and children’s park which is going to be perfect for Jacob! I’m getting excited about being off of work for a week and can’t believe that I have just 2 more shifts to go and then I am free for some rest and relaxation!  Aside from the trip to Pennsylvania, I am looking forward to purging some of Jacob’s old toys and clothing, moving his room around in preparation for a twin bed some time in early fall and getting some scrap booking/card making done!  Those are my goals for my vacation and I’m pretty hopeful that I can pull it off!

In other news Lisa, Jim and Sofia are coming back from Greece this weekend.  I really hope they had a great time and I’m eager to see the pictures!  I’ve always pictures Greece as a very beautiful country (albeit hot) and perhaps one day our familia will take a vacation over there but I have to admit our first priority is getting to England to see Mike’s family.  I’m not sure if we’ll get to see them before Sofia’s first birthday party (wow I can’t believe she’s one!  it seems like just yesterday I was awake in a waiting room all night anticipating her birth!) but I’m sure I’ll talk to Lisa on the phone and hear all about the trip!  Hmm…that reminds me I have to figure out what I am going to get Sofia for her birthday!

The summer heat is really getting to me this year and I’d really love to be on the east coast somewhere near the ocean where there’s a bit of a breeze and not a lot of humidity.  I hate hate hate the humidity in this gosh darn city! On many days when you are out walking it’s like you can see the haze of combined humidity and pollution lingering over your head and it really frightens me to think that we’re walking around in such crappy conditions!  I love September,October and November because they are just the perfect months for temperatures – I love to just throw on a hoodie and feel comfortable walking outside without a coat and not needing 175 gallons of water to stay hydrated.  Oh yes…come on autumn!  I eagerly await your arrival; Too bad its only July 10th.

2 thoughts on “Campsite is Booked and Other News

  1. Does the east coast up there not have a lot of humidity? Because the east coast down here sure does! Someone from UT came here to visit his mom and said he had not been aware prior to his trip to the mid-Atlantic area that is was possible to work up a sweat without doing anything at all other than stepping outside. So true.

  2. LOL. Well where my grandmother and grandfather lives in Nova Scotia she has mild mild humidity. She lives right on the ocean though and owns a lot of property there….it’s a small small hamlet of a town so there isn’t a lot of pollution! Maybe that is what has me fooled!

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