Like a Fish In Water….

I’m sure I’ve mentionned this before in my bloggy world stories but Jacob had been attending guardian swim classes with either Mike or myself since he was 6 months old and while he loved being in the water we really felt that we were paying and he just wasn’t learning anything.  When registering Jacob for swim classes this summer we decided to put him in the tiny tots program which is basically preschool level 1, preschool level 2, and preschool level 3 – Jacob was at the very bottom of the age category for these levels (ages 2-5) and technically he could have continued to stay in guardian swim until he was 3 years old but we decided our money would be better spent trying to see how tiny tot’s went.

Jacob was registered in preschool level one and we did suspect that Jacob would be at this level for at least 2-3 sessions since he had never been swimming with a teacher only and no parent.  Much to or surprise at Jacob’s last class for this session the teacher provided us with his report card and Jacob has passed preschool level 1 and is moving on to preschool level 2!!!!  I am so proud of him!  What a great accomplishment in just one session without his parents!  Some of the skills he was able to master I would have never guessed he’d be able to learn so quickly! I know its not like he just won a nobel college scholarship or something but still it’s an accomplishment that Mike and I are very very proud of!  So when summer session 2 starts this week Jacob will be in Preschool Level 2!  I was browsing the list of things to learn in level 2 and it looks like a lot of the skills are much much harder then level 1 so I know he’ll have to really focus and probably be in that class for a few sessions!  Private lessons are really worth the money!  I am a huge advocate now for parents to pay the extra 40 bucks a session to get their child in a one on one class with a swim instructor!

Way to go little man!  You get a gold star from Mama!

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