Mr. Independant

Jacob started taking swimming lessons when he was 6 months old at our local Parks and Recreation indoor pool and he has always enjoyed the water as long as one of his parents were in the water with us.  This past spring Jacob took Guardian Swim again and Mike him because this course requires that a parent be present in the water and I observed every class from the stands.  I found myself feeling like the money we were paying was not worth the attention that Jacob was getting because with ten other children in the water with their parents and some of the tots as young as 6 months old Jacob was just not learning or progressing. When it came time for summer swimming registration Mike and I decided to move Jacob up to tiny tots pre-school level 1 which would require that he go in the water without US!  Ahhh!  We knew we needed to move up because we just knew that another session of Guardian Swim would be a complete waste of money.  I wondered if Jacob was ready to be in the water without us and so to squash our fears we decided to enroll him in private lessons so that the teacher’s attention was solely on him.

Jacob’s first tiny tots class was this past Tuesday and I was absolutely petrified that he’d cry or refuse to go with the teacher in the water but of course in true Jacob fashion we experienced the exact opposite.  After Mike and Jacob met the teacher for the first time, Jacob simply took her hand and was off into the pool waving to Mike and I as he did.  I’m not sure what we’ve done as parents to help our son have very little seperation anxiety but I have to admit that I am grateful that he doesn’t constantly need us to be right there next to him, holding his hand through everything – but rather sitting on the sidelines cheering him on as he experiences new things in life that are exciting and rewarding!  I’m so happy that he has enough security and belief in our love as his parents that whenever we go away we always come back and that in everything he does we are there for him, encouraging him and guidnig him along the way.  During the class Jacob did far better with the one on one attention then he’d ever done before with Mike or myself in the pool and he actually tried different things that he’d never been willing to try with us.  Overall the class was a great success and he has another one today!  He’ll go to swim class every tuesday and thursday through the entire summer!  Sounds exciting!

3 thoughts on “Mr. Independant

  1. Ada was quite independent until about 6 weeks ago. She’s finally getting out of the stage, and I can’t wait for her to stop being so clingy! She’s never had a single swimming lesson. Maybe I should look into it this summer.

  2. That’s great that he did so well! What great parents you are.
    I think Landen would have been one who wouldn’t want to go in with out momma, but of course you never know until you try it. 😀 Good job mom!

  3. Ohh Tash…I’d really love to think its our parenting…LOL but I think its more his personality over anything else! I would have thought Jacob wouldn’t want to go in without Mike or myself just like you think about Landen but Jacob sure showed us otherwise!

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