None Shall Enter…..

Well the time finally came about a week ago for us to put a safety lock on our refridgerator…

I always suspected that the time would come when Jacob would be able to open the fridge door and help himself to a snack or two or three but I didn’t think it would happen until he was 3 years old.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that this creative child of mine is at the 100th percentile for height and probably does have the strength of an actual three year old.  I knew that it was time for the lock when Jacob came out from the kitchen dragging the milk jug and proclaiming “Jacob wants milk!” with the long trail of milk along the floor behind him into the living room!  At first I suspected it might be a one day lucky thing that he was able to get the door open but the following day he brought out the defrosting chicken I had in the fridge and declared “Want Some!” – oh it was time indeed for a fridge safety lock.

I’m sure that some people would have absolutely no problem with their children going into the refridgerator and helping themselves to some food…truth be told I wouldn’t have a problem with it either.  What is most frightening for me is the stories of children playing hide and seek in refridgerators only to die when nobody realizes that the fridge is where they were “hiding” – so the safety lock was the only way for us to go.  You can scream paranoid mom all you want these are real stories that happened to real people who least suspect it.  Just a few months ago a mom on one of my boards had her 2 year old son die when a dresser he was climbing toppled over on him…so yeah – I’m completely 100% cool with being labelled a paranoid mom.  I’ll do what it takes to make sure that rare “accidents” don’t become common accidents in our home!

Jacob seems to have not even noticed the fridge lock….every now and then he’ll go by and tug on the handle hoping that one of us might have forgotten to lock the door; no such luck kiddo!  Keep trying though…we admire your perseverance!!!

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