One of Those “Awww” Moments

Tonight as usual I tucked Jacob into bed at the normal 8pm time and closed his door after a round of I love you’s and sleep tights.  About ten minutes later I checked up on him and he was laying in his crib still tucked in with his head on his pillow and it appeared that he was out like a light so I shut his door and went about my usual evening business – checking my message boards and thinking about (but not actually completing any) scrap booking.  I was feeling pretty exhausted so about ten minutes ago I went through my night time routine of turning all the lights out and getting ready for bed.  Just prior to climbing into bed I checked on Jacob one last time and he was laying on his pillow on the bedroom floor with his blanket over him and his arm tightly snug around his Coco monkey.  I sighed a happy sigh and bent down to pick him off the floor with his pillow and blanket and he opened his eyes and said love you mama then crashed back to sleep in his toddler bed again.  I quietly said I love you Jacob back to him and tucked his monkey back under his arm.  I love and am very grateful for the small moments like these where after a long day of limit setting and toddler redirection you can get that feeling that you are doing something right in raising that little life form.  Obviously I got a boost of energy after tucking him into his crib again because I am here typing the story to all my bloggy friends….I guess I just had to tell someone.

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