Our New LG….

Yesterday we decided to buy the family a portable DVD player not only because we’re about to make a 4.5 hour car trip but also just because we’ve always wanted one and never gotten around to buying one.  We had purchased one on Friday and brought it home only to discover that we hated it!!  It was such poor screen quality and the material used to make it felt so cheap.  Yesterday morning we decided to head out and return the first one we purchased and then headed off to futureshop to find a new one.  We decided on a really nice LG unit and so far so good!  It has all the features that we want and the screen is really crisp and clear!  Jacob doesn’t really understand what it is and calls it a computer.  Oh well!  It’s not important that he knows exactly what it is all that makes him happy is that it plays toopie and binoo!  Ha!

After some shopping MIke dropped me off at Suzanne’s house for a few hours to do some scrapbooking and card making!  Suzanne had invited me a week ago and I decided at the last minute that I would go since I had not scrapped in so long and we had the car!  It was a really fun relaxing day despite the fact that I was feeling like arse!  While I only scrap booked one page in my album, I was able to make my first two cards ever!!!  They are not all high end perfect and stuff but I like them a lot because I made them myself and it took a lot of thought to get the patterns and colors the way I wanted them to look!  I didn’t journal on my scrap book page because last week Mike’s boss bought us a BRAND NEW super cool printer and I’m really excited about doing some cool fonts and typing out my journaling!

Today I’m off to get some laundry done!  I have procrastinated long enough and the piles are just getting bigger and bigger so there is no point in procrastinating any longer!  I will get at least 4 loads done today!  That is my goal!  Alright I’m out of here…Peace!

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