Super Secret Bloggy Post #12

I am in desperate need of a vacation because the first trimester ickies are realy starting to take their toll on me.  Today I am 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant according to our last ultrasound and I feel like since Wednesday I’ve been starting to feel a little better…not perfectly better but enough to say that I notice a difference.  The morning sickness is still ever present but some days are definitely worse then others now – where as before it was an everyday horrible feeling.  My face is still breaking out pretty often but I’ve been using some Aveeno clensing pads and they’ve really been making a difference I think.  In the past week I’ve had a lot of twitches, pains and strains in my belly so I think my uterus is growing and I hope its positionning itself forward like it’s supposed to!  I haven’t had any spotting or cramping that is painful or uncomfortable so I’m really hoping that everything with this bambino is on track for a healthy pregnancy.

It’s really been bizarre to have held in this secret for so long but I’m surprised at how easy it’s been.  There hasnt’ really been a moment where I’ve wanted to blurt it out to someone except maybe when I was talking to Lisa on the phone in Greece but I knew it would be far more exciting when she got back and we got together.  I am trying to be relaxed and non-stressed about the whole growing a baby thing this time around and I feel like I’m doing a pretty good job in comparison to my pregnancy with Jacob.  Of course when we went through all the misdiagnosed miscarriage drama 2 weeks ago I was not really feeling “not stressed” but I’m doing better now by just accepting that whatever happens is going to happen and we have no control over it.  I have a good instinct that everything is perfectly ok with this baby and we’ll have a good ultrasound on July 24th – which did I mention seems eon’s away?  Thankfully we’re on vacation from July12-20 and heading out of country for a camping trip in Pensylvania which should take my mind off it for a while!  We’re leaving on the 17th and coming back on the 20th.  In the mean time I have my doctors appointment on July 15th where I’ll have the dreaded scrape scratch scrape of the cervix, better known as the pap smear.  I am really not excited about this at all because it just seems not natural to me to be digging around in there when y ou’re carrying a baby and the two pap exams that I did have when pregnant with Jacob were painfully terrible.

I have my first appointment with my OB on August 13th when I’ll be about 16 weeks pregnant.  I’m really nervous about going to this appointment for some reason because while I love my OB I was not so fond of some of the other staff at the hospital that he is connected with.   The good thing is that I am more informed, more assertive and I feel like I’ll be able to stick up for myself a lot more this pregnancy then I did in the previous pregnancy with Jacob and if anyone makes any inappropriate comments pertaining to my weight I will have zero problem putting them in their place this time around.  I vow not to be intimidated by medical professionals and remember that they are there to care for me which means being respectful in all ways – not just when they chose to be.  I had a really good experience with my own personal OB so I’m not worried about him because I feel like I’ve always been able to tell him how I feel about things.  Oh this reminds me that I need to call and confirm my appointment which actually needs to be switched from the Wednesday to the Monday or the Tuesday because of work.

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