Super Secret Bloggy Post #13

Well according to our last ultrasound I am 10 weeks pregnant today!  Double digits which means we are 1/4 of the way done being pregnant!  Woohoo! This week our February Love Bug is the size of a prune!  Still so very small but cute to think of how much it’s grown since it was the size of a pea!

Last time when I was pregnant with Jacob the chinese calendar predicted a baby boy for us and it was bang on the money!  This time the chinese calendar is predicting a baby girl for us so we’ll just have to wait and see if this holds true!  We’d love a baby girl but we also think a baby brother for Jacob would be so fun too!

I feel excited as the second trimester approaches because I feel like the first 10 weeks have gone by rather quickly.  I guess when you are working full time and a full time parent you dont’ realize how busy you are and before you know it you are 10 weeks pregnant, then 15, then 20, etc.  My appointment with my doctor is next Tuesday and then on the 24th (the Thursday of the following week) we go in for our 12 week ultrasound.  I feel like after this ultrasound we’ll finally be able to breathe a huge sigh of relief and sit back to enjoy the pregnancy ride.

Last pregnancy we rented a fetal doppler from fetal assure and this time around we were excited to do it again!  We did some investigation and learned that we could purchase one from ebay for the same cost as renting it so we are now the proud owners of a Sonotrax fetal doppler!  We hope to sell it after we are finished with it so that we can get back about half of our money! It should be here in about 2-3 weeks which is perfect timing to be able to hear the little heartbeat pattering away!

It’s so amazing to think of a new life growing inside of you!  I am trying hard to eat a good diet full of nutritious food and I’ve been super successful staying off of caffeine!  Thanks to my mom who got me a container of caffeine free early grey tea I am happy to state that I made it through a sinus infection and a respiratory chest infection completely medication free!  I remember how hard those headaches were to cope with and I did it all without tylenol or advil!  I’m really proud of myself for that and happy that I just didnt’ resort to drinking some caffeine to try an alleviate the headaches!  Yay me!  So there you have it….just 30 more weeks give or take a couple weeks and we’ll meet our little bambino!

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