Super Secret Bloggy Post #14

I may have spoke too soon when I started making comments that I was seeming to feel better in terms of pregnancy and morning sickness.  Today has been a pretty horrible day that started when I took Jacob to his swim class this morning.  The pool where Jacob takes his lessons is known as one of the warmest pools in the City which is great if you’re taking your swim classes in the winter time but today when I entered the change rooms I immediately knew that I was in a very bad situation.  The heat in the change room swarmed me like a thousand angry bee’s eager to eat away at my flesh and it took every effort for me to focus on getting Jacob out of his clothes and into his swim suit.  At one point I was certain that if I did not leave and get to a cooler room I was going to pass out so since we were a little early I yanked Jacob by the hand and we left the sauna of a change room and sat on the chairs in the lobby of the community center.  After a few minutes we hurried through the change room again and I brought Jacob out to meet his teacher at the pool for his lesson.

As I was sitting in the stands at the pool I watched him with his teacher but if I had to be honest I woudl say that I was really not focused on him because my stomach was spinning and my mind was screaming for the class to be over so that we could go home and I could relax.  When his class was over we hurried to get him dressed again and we were out the door faster then I ever thought my feet could move.  On our way home we stopped at a local convenience store to pick up some cold drinks to quench our thirst as we walked in the summer heat.  I could feel my stomach spinning and roaring and I was worried at one point that I wouldn’t make it home without being sick on the side of the road but I managed to hold it together and get Jacob down for a nap when we got home.  While he slept I laid down and slept from about 1130 until 130 when Jacob woke up but I swear I could have slept for another 5 hours at least.  I wasn’t even awake for a half hour when I felt my stomach getting worked up again so I thought that perhaps I needed to eat something since I had only had an orange and a bowl of cereal all day long.  Of course what I thought would be a remedy proved to provoke the nausea and it was not even 5 minutes after I had finished eating that I was praying to the porcelin god in our bathroom.  Icky!  I was certain we were coming out of this stage of pregnancy but I guess I’ll have to hang in there for a little longer….I just know its all part and parcel when you’re carrying a baby and every pregnancy is unique and different from previous pregnancies! Today while surfing the net I stumbled upon this pregnancy cartoon and couldn’t help but feel it was perfect for today’s events!

We’ve been talking a lot to Jacob about the “baby growing in Mama’s belly” and he’s certain it’s a baby girl and that it should be called “Fia” which I think is because of baby Sofia whom he loves dearly.  The other day I asked Jacob how he was going to take care of the little baby and he said he was going to “give baby milk” which I thought was really cute and sweet.  I am pretty sure that he completely has no clue or real understanding about what is going on but I think he gets that things are going to be changing in our house because he’s been super cuddly and clingy and wanting to sit on me during the day.  What I’m most excited about is seeing him interact with a brother or sister because he’s such a loving kid.  I guess only the future will know how he’ll respond and react to a new sibling but I’ve got a feeling that its not going to be so hard and horrible!

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