Super Secret Bloggy Post #16

11 weeks!  That’s right….today according to our last ultrasound I am 11 weeks pregnant!  I really can’t wait until our ultrasound on the 24th of July to see if we are further along like we suspect because gaining an extra week all of a sudden will be really exciting!  Truthfully, at the next ultrasound I’d just be happy to see the tilted uterus has corrected itself and our baby is still there alive and well with its magnificent heart beat!  Both of those things would just make the 24th of July a really great day!  The exciting part about being 11 weeks pregnant is that the embryo (baby) is now officially considered a fetus which means the most critical development of it’s body is complete! Apparently at some point during this week blood will begin to circulate between the uterus and the baby and the placenta will start to function!  How exciting is that?  I was wondering just yesterday when the placenta would start to take over for the yolk sac!  This week the baby is as big as a lime!

I’ve had more pregnancy dreams with this pregnancy in comparison to Jacob’s and so far it’s been one boy dream, two girl dreams, and a dream just last night about twins!  I seriously could not imagine being pregnant with twins but in my dream I was and I had a boy and a girl!  In the dream I went into labor at 33 weeks pregnant and baby boy was born weighing 4 pounds and baby girl was 3 pounds!  How crazy is that?!?!  I think the twin dream happened because my mom was teasing me last night that maybe I was pregnant with twins and I laughed and said I would need to win the lottery to which she replied that getting twins would be like winning the lottery in a different more exhausting kind of way.  Ha! The good thing is that when they did my ultrasound they only saw one sac and thankfully only ONE baby….of course with the tilted uterus there is a chance that one could hide but I seriously doubt it!

The heat of the summer feels about a million times worse then it has in previous summers and I think that has to do with my “morning sickness” or all day sickness as I’ve been calling it.  I still feel deceived by this term “morning sickness” since for many women, like me, it doesn’t go away all day and what’s worse for me is that it’s worse in the afternoon and early evening! I have had some days in the past week where I have felt ok, not perfect, but ok but then the morning sickness just creeps back in like it had not even gone anywhere!  I had another skin break out this week after a whole week of clear skin which is a complete bummer because I was really hoping I was finished with the whole pimply face thing that I had going on but nope….5 new pimples have surfaced in the past 3 days and I haven’t even looked in the mirror yet!

Tomorrow is my appointment with my family doctor and I’m both nervous and excited about it.  I’m excited because I just know each appointment means one step closer to meeting our little baby but I’m nervous because I have to have a pap and the last time I was pregnant they were very painful and uncomfortable for me.  *sigh* I get paranoid about the doctor digging around in there when the cervix is basically what’s keeping the baby secure and comfortable…Ha!  I am sure everything will go ok and I know my doctor would stop if it was causing me any horrifying pain so I just have to suck it up, quit whining and just go…which I will.

So there you have it folks..11 weeks along!  Soon we’ll be sharing with everyone especially our Dads and Lisa of course…..she’s back from Greece and I’m excited to get Jacob’s special t-shirt on to surprise her!

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