The Infamous “Fist-Bump”

I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about American politics but I do make it my business to understand American politics because the U.S.A is such a powerful nation in the world that I like to be aware of who is leading their darn country.  I am going to attempt to talk about what’s irritating me right now without sharing or expressing my own political views because I think that my own views have little to do with some of the idiocy that is going on right now as the United States prepares for their election this November.  Nobody has said that running to be the leader of a country is easy because your personal life becomes everyone elses knowledge and every moment in the public eye is scrutinized and assessed as people decide who is worthy lead their country… some extent I completely agree that this needs to take place but there comes a point when the scruntinizing, the assesssing, the thoughts and opinions go too far and end up in a place of ignorance and stupidity.

Recently Obama (the Democratic hopeful for the U.S.A election) was seen on camera “fist bumping his wife” if you are not sure what I’m speaking about I’ve kindly linked the You Tube video so that you can all see.

Suddenly it came out in the media (stupid Fox News to be exact) that this fist bump was the sign of a “terrorist”…..Are you freaking kidding me?  A terrorist?  What the heck is going wrong in the world when something so simple so fun loving and relaxed is interpreted as the sign of a terrorist.  I had kept my feelings back about this for so long because I just didn’t want to get into it – in my mind I knew the media was crazy and I just rolled it off my shoulders.  A friend of mine from the online world had written about this in her blog and I 100% agreed with her thoughts on the matter….the idea is simple put – absurd.  There is so much that goes on in the United States media that is purposely meant to instill fear into the American population….the idea that Obama and his wife are terrorists is preposterous, idiotic, and shows a huge lack of maturity and tact.  Just the other night as Mike and I were watching the Toronto Blue Jays take on the New York Yankee’s we observed two players involved in some “fist bump” action…surely they are terrorists too?

I guessI should be upfront and say that what has brought me to this point of anger is the recent cover of New Yorker Magazine.  The magazine cover depicts Obama dressed up in traditional muslim garb and his wife sporting some lovely “terrorist looking” clothing.  The scenery around them is less then heartening….they stand in the Oval office where a picture of Osama Bin Laden hangs on the wall, the american flag burns in the fire place, and a large machine gun is strapped to Obama’s wife’s back.  Pathetic.

I know that the hope of this cover was to draw light to the absurd idea that fist bumping equals a terrorist but truthfully I feel the magazine has crossed the line with this one and many people are crying out against the cover….I have no doubt that this cover might be pulled quickly from the shelves.   A spokesman for Obama called the magazine cover ” tasteless and offensive and frankly I couldn’t agree more…..even John McCain the Republican opponent to Obama is reacting with criticism to the cartoon.  I see the sarcasm, but I don’t feel the humor that it was hoped would be portrayed.  I am just mortified.  Utterly mortified.

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