Three Work Days Shy of Vacation

That’s right bloggy stalkers friends! You heard me!  Three more work shifts and I am off on vacation for an entire week!  Mike is also taking a week off except for one meeting he has to attend on Tuesday which is awesome because we rarely get time off together.  I think we’re probably going to do some fun things as a family like go to the zoo maybe on the Monday! On Thursday we are going camping in Pennsylvania which should be pretty fun as long as the scorching heat decides to leave us alone.  The last time Mike and I were in the USA was nearly a year ago now and we did manage to have a pretty decent time while we were there!  I’m excited because the campsite we are going to has a swimming pool and a whole bunch of neat things to do…mostly I’m just happy to relax and not have to think about work.  I’ve been so tired lately from having two jobs – mommy (cooking, playing, cleaning, etc.) and my out of the house counseling job so I’m definitely looking forward to just kicking back and enjoying the time off.  I plan of bringing some of my scrap booking supplies so that I can sit at the picnic table and scrap away (thanks for the idea mom!). Of course the one thing I am not looking forward to is the 4.5 hour drive to the campsite location with a toddler in the car and Mike and I are considering buying a portable DVD player so Jake can watch his favorite Toopie and Binoo movies along the way.  The last time we traveled such a long distance Jacob got cranky just over half way there so we’d like to prevent that this time and we’ve wanted a portable DVD player for a while now anyways….we’ll see if we can score one for a decent price.

The good news is my Mom and her husband have a totally awesome shiny new RV thingy so we’re not camping in tents!  Even though I have always loved sleeping in tents my back just is not into it right now so I’m glad that we’ll have actual beds to sleep in and not thing pads on the cold ground!  The bad news is that my Mom still hasn’t booked the campsite yet so as of today we still don’t actually have a place to park the camper so I’m hoping she’ll do that soon!  More good news…..we’re close to the Grove City outlets so of course there will be a day of shopping! Ok…Ok….you got me!  We’re not exactly going to be roughing it!  So there you have it bloggy people – 3 more days of work and I am off like a prom dress and ready to relax and enjoy time with my familia!  Catch you on the flip side!

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