August 31

I cant’ believe it!  It’s August 31 and that makes me so very happy!  Today and tomorow the roar of the C.N.E air show will be in the air and I’ll just be smirking the whole time!  The summer is almost over and I’m hoping that cooler weather is on its way!  I know I’ve said it before but I just really want the fall to be here so that I can enjoy my favorite time of the year before I’m uncomfortably pregnant!

I’ve got to say that this long weekend has been pretty awesome so far!  On Friday night I went out with Lisa to dinner (East Side Mario’s – Yummy) and to see Mama Mia the SING A LONG version!  Oh gosh it was so much fun and to think I was a bit skeptical about the whole sing a long thing to begin with!  On Saturday we drove out to Square One shopping mall to go to Melon Heads so that Jacob could get his hair cut.  If I could just give props to my son for a moment because he did such an amazing job at just letting the lady cut his hair.  When we arrived for our appointment there was a little boy who looked about 3 years old completely freaking out as he was trying to get his hair cut.  His mom was holding him on her lap and pretty much restraining him as he screamed, flailed, and cried so loudly.  I was so worried that Jacob was going to get apprehensive and I got even more nervous when Jacob sat in the chair nearly next to him but he did wonderfully and his hair cut looks marvelous!

While we were at Square One we walked around A LOT and stopped to have some lunch before more walking!  I didn’t realize it but I think I started having some contractions because I felt an obvious tightening and loosening of my stomach.  We finally decided to leave and once I got in the car I drank two bottles of water and felt MUCH MUCH better!  When we got back to the house the whole family took much needed naps and then we were off with all of our laundry in hand to my mother’s house to do laundry, eat dinner and hang out as a family.  I really love the moments when we’re just hanging out doing nothing or eating plastic hamburgers that Jacob prepared in his super cool kitchen!

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today but I’m certain it will include more laundry since we’ve only got about 2-3 loads and we’re all caught up with the chaos we created by procrastinating.  I’m sure we’ll have a nice family dinner and spend the day hanging out while the laundry gets accomplished!

Onward towards September with no looking back!!

Tot School

I totally got inspired by my online friend Heather and I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m going to borrow her idea and use it for Jacob!  Heather started Tot School with her 2 year old Fritz and I just felt so inspired to do something similar with Jacob.  Here’s a link to Heather’s most recent post…

Tot School

I’ve found some great sites that have some awesome things for toddlers to do and I think we’ll start by doing 20 minutes of Tot School a day an eventually work up to 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon!  I think its a fun way to learn colors, numbers, reading, crafting, imaginative play, etc.  I’m also inspired by a lot of the activities on my friend Patrizzia’s blog iCreate (check it out in my side bar for great ideas on things to do with Toddlers).  So I’m searching the internet for some great ideas and hoping to kick start next week with some fun activities!

Fall Registration!

Fall registration with Toronto Parks and Recreation is quickly approaching and once again we’ll be taking advantage of some of the toddler programs they have to offer!  It looks like this fall we’re going to try and get Jacob into Tiny Tots swimming again since he loved going to private lessons with the teacher and he’s really coming a long quite well in his swimming skills. We have to pay a lot more money for the private lessons but in the end it’s really quite a good investement for now when his attention span is more limited.  As Jacob gets older and into the “Ultra” swim levels we’ll probably still do at least semi-private so that there isn’t like 10 kids to one instructor….semi-private offers 3 kids to 1 teacher which I like much better.  We’re also registering him in Parent and Tot Learn to Skate on Saturday Mornings and he’ll be going to that with his Papa (grandpa) every week.  The last thing I’m hoping to get him into during the day is a Kinder Music class for Toddlers aged 2 and 3 which I think he will love since Jacob loves music so much.  The Kinder music class will give him a good opportunity to interact with other children his age which I think is great for his social skill development plus he gets the opportunity to delve into the music world and experiment with different things that make music.  I’m not really very worried about Jacob and his social skills because he really loves people and children in general but I think its a good opportunity for him to learn things like sharing and playing nice.  I know it seems like this is a lot for a wee toddler but when you put it into perspective it’s not really – The swim class is only 15-20 minutes long because its one to one attention, the skating class is 30 minutes and he’ll really enjoy this time with his Papa and lastly the Kinder music class is about 45 minutes so really it’s just an hour and a half give or take a few minutes a week of activity that is outside of the realm of what we offer in our home.  I personally think Jacob learns a lot from these classes like how to listen and respect his teachers and how to be patient for example.  I feel blessed and fortunate enough to be able to provide these opportunities for my children and think its wonderful that Toronto has a Parks and Recreation program that makes affordable lessons available to everyone.

What I’ve Learned in the Past 24 Hours…

My father is indeed dying.  I do not talk much about my father but when he was younger (i.e before I was thought of) he had an accident while at work on a construction site and he broke his neck leaving him with all sorts of paralysis problems that he was eventually able to overcome with a fusion surgery on his C5 and C6 vertibrae in his spine.  It seems that his spine is deteriorating now at age 52 at a very rapid rate and he has no spinal fluid left (I am trying to remember everything so some details might be shaky).  So what does this mean?  Well, it means that my father is slowly dying, that over time he will eventually become immobile and then slowly each of his organs in his body will start to shut down until he dies.  I am kind of in a state of shock about all of this and trying to process it all so please forgive me if this is coming across as rather matter of fact.  Starting in October my father will have a home health care nurse and a housekeeper that will come in to see him from time to time and I can only imagine that at some point my brother and I (truly his only family in the vicinity) will need to step in and help take care of him.  It is unknown how long it will take for his body to go through this process but it could be up to 2-3 years or it could not be that long….we do not know.  It is frightening to think about how you survive watching a family member go through this sort of deterioration and perhaps it is selfish to think of yourself, about how you will survive it but it’s what I’ve thought about since i heard the news.  How do you put aside your own emotional health to witness the deterioration and eventually death of your parent.  I have young parents (my father is 52 and my mother is 49) and I always thought they’d stick around until well after their 70’s but every now and then the good old universe decides to give you a quick reality check….I just didn’t think it would be so shocking.

17 Weeks Pregnant!

Today I am officially 17 weeks pregnant!  I’d say time is going by quickly but this past week has really dragged for me and I think it probably had a lot to do with my last week of work before vacation.  I cant’ believe that in another 3 weeks we’ll be half way done being pregnant and halfway to meeting our newest family member.

This week the baby is rougly the size of a large onion…

I’m feeling ok in regards to pregnancy symptoms I guess.  The morning sickness that I was experiencing early in pregnancy is still lingering but not to the same extent as it was.  I am not throwing up any more so it seems (knock on wood) but the waves of nausea still comes and goes at various times.  It’s funny how one day I can feel totally fantastic and then the next day I feel all blah blah.  I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep because I feel so uncomfortable in the bed most nights and I’m not sure how I’m going to fix that.  I spend most of the night tossing and turning and when I wake up in the morning I have really bad mid to upper back pain.  It’s quite frustrating because the pain lasts most of the morning and then is gone by noon.  I don’t expect to feel fabulous but a good night of sleep here or there would be really wonderful now and then.

After we hit the 20 week mark I am guessing we will have to start sorting through Jacob’s old clothes to see what is suitable for a newborn in January/February (I’m convinced it will be January) and then make a list of what we need going forward.  We still have to make our final decision about whether or not we want to know the sex of this baby but for all of you friends and family members out there waiting and wondering you can rest assured we won’t make this decision until we are 24-28 weeks along.

We’ve been so busy with our topsy turvy toddler life that we really haven’t sat down and thought of names that we like so when people ask us what names we are thinking of we truthfully respond that we have no idea and they never believe us!  Grr.  I swear that we are not lying!  We really have no idea about names except that if it’s a boy it will probably have “Michael” as a middle name….if not Michael then the second option is Christopher after Mike’s dad but most likely it will be Michael if it does turn out to be a boy.  You see?  That is all we’ve thought about and we have had that decision made since months after Jacob was born.  I just cant’ get into the name decision making so early on because I just need to have some things to look forward to when I am big and uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy.

So, if you haven’t seen me recently you really should.  You will be very very surprised to see just how pregnant I look….even Mike and I are shocked.  Mike says my belly is forming much differently this time then it did with Jacob and I truthfully have to agree.  Every time I look in the mirror I am shocked!  This coming weekend I am going to go shopping for a new hoodie (which all my friends know….a hoodie is soo me) that is big enough to make me until February…at some point I’ll have to pull out my box of maternity clothes from Jacob and see what fits…I’m certain I have a pair of khaki cords in there that should fit ok this pregnancy.

In other sort of pregnancy related news we have not had very much luck finding a house in the area to move into….we see lots outside of the area but we’re not ready to move away since we love being near both of our parents and they both do so much to help us out that we’d really feel lost without them….say a prayer or cross your fingers that we find something soon!  I really don’t want to move with a newborn!!!

The C.N.E: A Day in Pictures!

Well, the weather reports told us we would have thunder storms all day long and aside from a quick 5 minute rain shower we managed to have a beautiful sunny day at the C.N.E. (Canadian National Exhibition).  We always know the summer is coming to an end when the C.N.E comes to town in the final three weeks of the summer!  Next weekend it will close down after labour day and a grand air show which we are able to see from our place.  Today was a great day but alas we are all exhausted from the heat and humidity along with all the walking that we did.  Here’s our C.N.E. story….

Michael, Jacob and Jimmy decided to start the day out with a GO Train ride since Jacob’s LOVES trains! The rest of us met them at the C.N.E. grounds!

Jacob and his monkey back pack wait for the train to arrive!

When we first get there I try to convince Michael and Jimmy to join the army but since the vest didn’t fit either of them properly they were both rejected!

Jacob gets the opportunity to go to the farm building where he is able to do all sorts of fun things!  Here he is gathering some eggs from the hens!

No farm trip is complete without some apple picking!

Gotta remember to feed the sheep!  Sheep need loving too!

Pulling all his crops on his good ole John Deere!

We took a picture of Jacob near this wheel last year and my gosh he’s grown so much!  It’s so sentimental to look at this picture!

During our time at the C.N.E. Jacob got to go on his first every amusement park ride!  He was just thrilled to be sitting in the car but when it started to move and go around and around he was so excited!

Up next was a trup on the merry go round with Nana!

This next ride made Mama get a nauseated feeling in her stomach but it seems Jacob loved it just like the other’s!  He probably enjoyed it because he got to go with Papa!

It wasn’t a moment after the last ride and Jacob wanted to go back to the very first one!  So off to the cars we went!

We finished the day with Jacob’s first ever ice cream cone!  Mmmm… you think he enjoyed it?

The Sweetest Sound

Well we did it!  We managed to catch our baby’s heartbeat and record it today with our doppler!  It wasn’t as loud as we could get it yesterday and it was more difficult to find today so I think the little bean sprout was hiding somewhere!    Enjoy!

Trying on New Clothes

This morning we tried on some of Jacob’s new clothes to see how well they fit and it seems a lot of the shirts are big but the pants seem to be a good fit.  Jacob had lots of fun running around the house in his new shoes too!  I told him they were his new “running shoes” and after I put them I asked it he’d like to walk around in them and he said “no silly Mama you have to run!!” and proceeded to run amuck in the house!  It was quite fun and of all the clothes we tried on I think that his most favorite was his halloween skull t-shirt!

Music To My Ears

A while back you might recall that Mike and I purchased a Doppler from ebay so that we could hear the baby’s heartbeat when we felt the urge throughout our pregnancy.  In our pregnancy with Jacob we rented one for a couple of months and the cost of that rental was MORE expensive then purchasing a new one!  When it arrived in the mail I was around 12 weeks pregnant and sadly we were unable to locate the baby’s heartbeat with it for a very long time and of course that got me a bit freaked out but when we went in for our ultrasound at 15 weeks we saw the reassuring flicker of our baby’s heartbeat and the movements of it’s legs and arms!  Being the stubborn mule that I can sometimes be I continued to try and get the Doppler to work and finally we have the music to our ears that we have been waiting for!

On Wednesday we were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time on our home Doppler after Mike plugged into into a set of speakers and we were able to get a louder and more clear listen!  I had decided to start looking up higher and found the baby’s heartbeat up near my belly button – so it seem that all this time when I was looking down near the pelvic bone I was looking too low!  We were not able to get a clear reading on how many beats per minute it was but we guessed it was somewhere between 150 and 165 so yesterday we tried again and VOILA we found the baby’s heartbeat right away!  The baby was again up near my belly button and this time our digital screen gave us a read out that wavered between 155 and 169!  Aww it was definitely the music to my ears! I guess our money wasn’t a waste afterall!