14 Weeks Pregnant…

Well, I am officially 14 weeks pregnant today and really just excited to be out of that horrid first trimester!  I have to admit that some days are still kind of sickly but I am slowly starting to have some days where I feel decent.  At 14 weeks the baby is roughly the size of a lemon….

I have to admit that I’ve been pertty relaxed through this pregnancy but I’m very very eager to have our ultrasound and doctor’s appointment next week – I can’t put my finger on it but I’m still kind of shocked at a February Due Date when we know the last time we “did the deed”…it astounds me that the “little swimmers” could last 6-7 days to catch ovulation for the February 2nd due date.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and wondering how it is even possible but I guess I just can’t understand it and will have to just accept that everything is as it should be.  We have our ultrasound next Tuesday at 9am followed by an OB appointment at 11am and then right afterwards Mike and I will have lunch before I am off to work.  I am excited and really nervous as always because when you are a mother who always worry about your children and want everything to be ok even when they are not born yet.

Over a week a go you might recall that I went in for the First Trimester Screening tests for Down Syndrome and the Trisomy Disorders and I’m happy to report that on Friday we got word that we screened negative for all of those issues….I was very relieved!  I know that technically we very well could still have a baby with one of those difficulties but it’s a good feeling to know that the chance is very low that we would.  The next ultrasound that I previously mentionned is part one of our anatomical scan that we are doing in 2 parts at 15 weeks and 19 weeks which is not normal protocol but I have a difficult shaped uterus so they want to make sure they can get optimal views.

In other news, I am already ready for another vacation!  Just three more weeks of work and I am off for 2 weeks!  By the time those two weeks are over I should be around 19 weeks pregnant!  I am eager to hit that 20 week mark for some reason….maybe because I am just excited to meet this little bean growing inside of me!  Soon enough…..soon enough…26 weeks left to go!

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