16 Weeks Pregnant!

Yup!  It’s true… Today I am officially 16 weeks pregnant!  I’d say that time is going by fast but I know that the moment I get serious about those thoughts the time will seem to drag on and on and on!  So for now I’ll just say that I’m happy to be starting to feel a bit better overall.  16 weeks means 4 months pregnant which is awesome! Before I know it we’ll be all caught up in the activities of fall and winter and it will be the new year!  I’ve been trying to put a lot of thought into when the right time would be to leave work and I’d definitely like to make it past Christmas and into the new year so that I can get as much time off with my bambino as possible.  I’m still covinced I will not be having this baby in February (February 2nd is my official by the books due date that I am still doubting) and I’m certain I’ll end up with a January baby.

This week the baby is as big as an avocado….

It’s kind of silly to think that the baby last week was as big as an orange and most times I see oranges that are bigger then avocado’s so I’m guessing they are doing this estimate based on the length across the fruit instead of the circumference around it!  I continue to look forward to some of the things that are coming our way with this pregnancy like feeling those first real kicks which I’m hoping will happen earlier this time since I have a posterior placenta and I know what I’m looking for!  I’m happy to say that our place is slowly but surely getting organized to prepare for the new addition in case we are not able to move before they make their grand entry into our lives!

There really isn’t much going on in new baby world these days!  We have no appointments until September 11th and 12th and then after that we wont’ be seen until around Thanksgiving time (October 12, 13, etc.) so I’m really loving the laid back, less stress free go at this pregnancy and I really think my health is going to thank me for it at the end of the delivery!  Today I’m off to get some new underwear because the past couple of days my underwear have seemed a bit on the small side…hmph..Still haven’t gained any weight but the belly is growing out so I need to get some new “drawers”…So there you have it folks!  16 weeks and counting!  Before you know it we’ll be 20 weeks along and half way towards meeting our new family member!

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