A Quiet Morning

It’s a pretty quiet morning around this house today and I cant’ decide if I like it or not.  i just finished off a bowl of multigrain cheerios with three strawberries chopped up and there was no little blonde boy on my lap saying “just one bite Mama, just one”.  Jacob is gone with my mom to the cottage for 2 days and despite all my big talk about sleeping in while he was gone…my internal clock went off this morning and I was up at 7am.  You know, I never thought there would come a day when I would be able to leave Jacob in someone else’s care for even an hour and now that he is 2 years old I’ve let him go for 2 whole nights!  I miss him terribly when he’s gone but I also know that my mother and her husband love and care for him and protect him the same way that Mike and I do.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you have people in your lives that you can trust so much that you are willing to allow them to take your child away from  you for a few days.  The truth is, I know that good seperations, healthy seperations like this one are great for his personality and wonderful for his development.  I still firmly believe that we’ve done a good job with this child in helping him to feel secure, loved and appreciated by us – so much so that we can let him go away with family and he knows very surely that we’ll be right there waiting for him when he gets back.

My mom and Danny took Jacob to Wasaga Beach which is really exciting for him on many levels!  First, he gets to ride in Papa’s big shiny red truck which he adores and loves because it’s so high up that he can see right out the window with a clear view of everything.  Second, he loves the beach with all its sand and water and fun things to do that he’ll probably just talk and talk about it for a week or two when he comes back.  Third, and most importantly, he loves his Nana and Papa so much and just gets tickled pink when he gets to go spend time with them.  Last night I got to talk to him over msn on video chat and he was just so excited about the good time that he was having and equally as excited to see Mama and Dada waving at him and blowing kisses from the computer; He’s a special kid that boy I tell you.

After Jacob left yesterday, Mike and I spent some time cleaning some of the places in the house that needed a good deep cleaning like the kitchen and the bathroom.  It’s such a relief to get both of those rooms knocked off our list of things to do because I’ve been so stressed out about it since I got pregnant and so sick that housework was the last thing on my mind!  Hooray for the second trimester!  After all the cleaning we rewarded ourselves with some pizza dinner and a movie (Sweeny Todd) which was not exactly such an appetizing idea since the movie had a lot of blood in it; it was still fun regardless! Afterwards, Mike was tidying our bedroom while I spent some time reading the new Stephanie Meyer books “Breaking Dawn”…of course it didn’t take long before I was passed out in bed!

As I type this, Mike is still sleeping as he should be!  I am trying to decide between throwing a load of laundry in or going for a long hot shower!  Hmmm.  Maybe I’ll do both….it’s not too often you an squeeze a shower in without a little blonde head sticking into the shower curtain to say “BOO MAMA!  BOO!”….

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