Appointment Updates

Just popping in to give an update of our appointments today….

We had our ultrasound appointment at 9am and for the first time ever we didn’t have to wait 45 minutes for our turn! We literally sat down for like 2 minutes before they called my name. I’ve had the same technician for the past 3 times because it’s more difficult to scan me with my weight and the shape of my uterus. It seemed like forever that she was taking measurements and I kepting hearing her say words like femur length, nasal bone, cerebellum, humerus, spine, etc. Finally I heard her say HEARTBEAT and all my fears about not finding the baby on the doppler were resolved! I think she heard me sigh from relief because she said “yup heartbeat is 158!” so then I was able to relax a bit and she got to the rest of the measurements. I told her about a dream I had where the baby didn’t have a skull and she told me oh this baby has a nice round skull Melissa, no worries and even turned the screen to show me! When she called Mike in we finally got to see the baby….the baby is laying transverse facing up to my stomach with it’s head on my right side. We saw it’s face and little hands moving all around….and of course the pics were all sort of foggy so we didn’t bother paying for them (they are not free at our clinic)…I’m sure we’ll get some cute pics as the baby gets bigger. I go back for another scan on September 11th at 9am…I hope I get the same technician again! I really like her!

We had an hour to kill before my OB appointment so we went to get something to eat in between and then we were off to the OB’s office where I had an anxiety attack in his waiting room. I was just sitting there and remembering the rude comments from some of the medical staff at the hospital during my son’s delivery and suddenly I was so overwhelmed that I was doing it all over again and in the same place. After a few tears I was able to catch my breath and wait for the doctor to call me in. I sat with the doctor and told him about all my concerns with the way I was treated by some of the medical professionals (not him, I love him but he didn’t deliver me due to how their on call thing works)….I mentionned the comments from the medical team and he actually said he was really very sorry that this happened and that he actually had an idea of who it was. Wow, someone on that medical team has a history. He said he wished I would have told him during my post natal appointment because he does not tolerate that kind of ignorance and he told me that if anybody at any point in this pregnancy makes any kind of rude comment he wants me to tell him…even if its just a lady drawing my blood labs..he didn’t care he wanted to know. It was such a relief to hear these comments from him…..

Then we talked about options for delivery and basically he felt we had three choices to chose from. He said if we encountered any problems like in my pregnancy with Jacob that resulted in the baby needing to be delivered there would be no choice it would be an automatic c-section, the second option was that I could have a scheduled c-section, and the third option was that if everythign progressed as normal and pitocin wasn’t necessary I could attempt a VBAC which he said has a 60% chance of success. The doctor told us we didn’t have to make any decisions now and that we could take things one day at a time and talk about it when we felt it was time to talk about it. The doctor and I talked about the problems that happened in my pregnancy with Jacob around having very little amniotic fluid and he was concerned because my placenta was not sent off to pathology after my delivery with him…I did not have gestational diabetes, nor did I have high blood pressure so he was very curious about what would cause the problem….In the end he wants to do some blood work for some anticoagulent stuff to see if there is somethign going on with me that might have caused the problem last time and as we get closer to where the problems started with Jacob (32 weeks) he wants to start monitoring me closely.

We did my weight and it seems I’ve lost 17 pounds in total since June…He said that i absolutely need to find a way to not lose any more weight….he said even if you stay the same that is ok and gain up to 15 pounds but absolutely the weight loss needs to stop….so I guess I need to figure out how to make that happen since I’m not trying to lose weight…LOL. I have low iron which needs to be addressed by putting more iron rich foods into my body…he told me that the baby is going to leech everything from me that it needs to I need to get the extra iron in for myself so that I can feel good – which would explain why I’m still so freaking exhausted at 15 weeks pregnant. My blood pressure was 128 over 90 which was pretty good if you ask me for someone who just had an anxiety attack in his waiting room. LOL. I am doing shared care with my family doctor so I will see her in September and then see my OB again in October at around 24 weeks.

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