August 1st!

Today is August 1st and i am so stinking happy that the summer is nearly half way done!  Have I mentionned how much I hate the humidity in this city?  Honestly, the humidity is just getting worse and worse as the years go on which I know is because of Global Climate Change and the pollution in this city.  Every year it seems that the summer drags on and on as I wait for my most favorite time of the year – autumn!  Truthfully for super secret reasons I can barely wait for this summer to be long gone and for the cool colorful days of the fall to be in our midst!

I am really looking forward to a lot of activities that come during the fall!  This year we are planning a trip to both Chudleighs Apple Farm and Whittamore Farms!  Last year we did Chudleighs as an alternative to Whittamore Farms and while I loved Chudleighs for what it had to offer….I missed the pumpkin focused portions of Whittamore Farms.  I am guessing we’ll do Chudleighs with Lisa, Jim, Sofia, Melanie and Suzanne again but I’m not sure about Whittamore Farms…perhaps we’ll do that one with Nana and Papa this year or maybe just the three of us will go!  We have lots of time to plan so obviously I am not too concerned!  After those fall outings we’re really looking forward to Jacob’s third trick or treat!  I really think this year he’s going to understand it way more then he did last year!  I’m thrilled!

Once halloween passes we’ll start gearing up for Christmas with our usual holiday preparations including the annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade!  Maybe Jim, Lisa and Sofia will join us this year!

Anyway, the point of this celebratory blog post is to say that I am rejoicing that the summer is nearing its end and my favorite time of year is approaching!  September can’t come fast enough!

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