August 31

I cant’ believe it!  It’s August 31 and that makes me so very happy!  Today and tomorow the roar of the C.N.E air show will be in the air and I’ll just be smirking the whole time!  The summer is almost over and I’m hoping that cooler weather is on its way!  I know I’ve said it before but I just really want the fall to be here so that I can enjoy my favorite time of the year before I’m uncomfortably pregnant!

I’ve got to say that this long weekend has been pretty awesome so far!  On Friday night I went out with Lisa to dinner (East Side Mario’s – Yummy) and to see Mama Mia the SING A LONG version!  Oh gosh it was so much fun and to think I was a bit skeptical about the whole sing a long thing to begin with!  On Saturday we drove out to Square One shopping mall to go to Melon Heads so that Jacob could get his hair cut.  If I could just give props to my son for a moment because he did such an amazing job at just letting the lady cut his hair.  When we arrived for our appointment there was a little boy who looked about 3 years old completely freaking out as he was trying to get his hair cut.  His mom was holding him on her lap and pretty much restraining him as he screamed, flailed, and cried so loudly.  I was so worried that Jacob was going to get apprehensive and I got even more nervous when Jacob sat in the chair nearly next to him but he did wonderfully and his hair cut looks marvelous!

While we were at Square One we walked around A LOT and stopped to have some lunch before more walking!  I didn’t realize it but I think I started having some contractions because I felt an obvious tightening and loosening of my stomach.  We finally decided to leave and once I got in the car I drank two bottles of water and felt MUCH MUCH better!  When we got back to the house the whole family took much needed naps and then we were off with all of our laundry in hand to my mother’s house to do laundry, eat dinner and hang out as a family.  I really love the moments when we’re just hanging out doing nothing or eating plastic hamburgers that Jacob prepared in his super cool kitchen!

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today but I’m certain it will include more laundry since we’ve only got about 2-3 loads and we’re all caught up with the chaos we created by procrastinating.  I’m sure we’ll have a nice family dinner and spend the day hanging out while the laundry gets accomplished!

Onward towards September with no looking back!!

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