Becoming a Big Brother…

We’ve been talking a lot to Jacob about the baby that’s going to come when it’s snow time!  We were telling him the other day about all the fun things we had to do before the baby came like….going to the pumpkin patch, apple picking, seeing the Thomas Live show, trick or treat time, turkey time (thanksgiving), skating lessons, the santa claus parade and Christmas.   I’ve been telling him that after all those fun times with just the three of us we’ll get ready to have his little brother or sister come home.  Jacob continues to insist that the baby is a “girl girl baby” and that we should name it “fia” which makes me wonder if he’s just going to call the baby “fia” when it comes home; it’s really sweet and cute that he associates the only other baby we know (Sofia) with the fact that we’re going to have a baby in our house too.

The other morning I asked Jacob for a good morning, glad to see you, gosh I love you hug and kiss and after giving me a hug and kiss he leaned down and put his lips to my tummy and I curiously asked him what he was doing, to which he replied:  kisses for baby too!  Being the pregnant hormonal mess that I have been this past week I got tears in my eyes and said “yes that’s right, kisses for the baby too” and then told Jacob thank you.  It wasn’t even a few hours later that I found Jacob in our big bed alone with the home doppler we have in one hand and the bottle of ultrasound gel in the other….the probe to the doppler was against his belly and he was trying to put gel on too.  Again, feeling quite curious I asked Jacob what he was doing and he responded “jakey listen to his baby” and of course I just felt my heart melt.  I sat up on the bed with him and told him that there is no baby in his belly but that the baby is growing in Mama’s belly but it will come out when the snow comes to meet us all.  Jacob smiled as big as he could and told me that “baby needed lots of milk too” and I told him that “yes the baby is going to need milk just like Jacob” and then we chatted about how big brothers can sometimes help Mommy’s and Daddy’s with the baby but sometimes if they don’t want to help they don’t have to because they’re just a little guy too. I asked Jacob how he wanted to help take care of the baby and he said he’d play train set with the baby which made me chuckle!

I’m excited and nervous about making Jacob a big brother and can’t wait to see how the transition goes for him….of course I still wonder what we’d tell him if something horrible happened and the baby did not make it to come home, but I do try not to focus on the negative and keep telling myself that this baby is coming home with us forever!

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