Fall Registration!

Fall registration with Toronto Parks and Recreation is quickly approaching and once again we’ll be taking advantage of some of the toddler programs they have to offer!  It looks like this fall we’re going to try and get Jacob into Tiny Tots swimming again since he loved going to private lessons with the teacher and he’s really coming a long quite well in his swimming skills. We have to pay a lot more money for the private lessons but in the end it’s really quite a good investement for now when his attention span is more limited.  As Jacob gets older and into the “Ultra” swim levels we’ll probably still do at least semi-private so that there isn’t like 10 kids to one instructor….semi-private offers 3 kids to 1 teacher which I like much better.  We’re also registering him in Parent and Tot Learn to Skate on Saturday Mornings and he’ll be going to that with his Papa (grandpa) every week.  The last thing I’m hoping to get him into during the day is a Kinder Music class for Toddlers aged 2 and 3 which I think he will love since Jacob loves music so much.  The Kinder music class will give him a good opportunity to interact with other children his age which I think is great for his social skill development plus he gets the opportunity to delve into the music world and experiment with different things that make music.  I’m not really very worried about Jacob and his social skills because he really loves people and children in general but I think its a good opportunity for him to learn things like sharing and playing nice.  I know it seems like this is a lot for a wee toddler but when you put it into perspective it’s not really – The swim class is only 15-20 minutes long because its one to one attention, the skating class is 30 minutes and he’ll really enjoy this time with his Papa and lastly the Kinder music class is about 45 minutes so really it’s just an hour and a half give or take a few minutes a week of activity that is outside of the realm of what we offer in our home.  I personally think Jacob learns a lot from these classes like how to listen and respect his teachers and how to be patient for example.  I feel blessed and fortunate enough to be able to provide these opportunities for my children and think its wonderful that Toronto has a Parks and Recreation program that makes affordable lessons available to everyone.

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