First Pair of Hockey Skates

Yesterday Jacob’s Nana and Papa came by with a special gift for Jacob…His first ever pair of hockey skates!  I thought they were so cute and I didn’t even realize they made hockey skates that small!  Jacob is going to be taking guardian and tot learn to skate lessons this fall with his Papa in preparation for playing hockey when he is 4 years old.  I’m really excited about the skating lessons because I just think he’ll have so much fun on the ice with Papa!  Last night Papa tried the skates on Jacob’s feet so that they could make sure they got an ideal fit and it looks like they are going to work perfectly! We tried to stand Jacob up in the skates but of course they are not sharpened yet so they just basically slid all over our hardwood floor…it was actually pretty funny to watch!  Jacob was laughing because he probably thought it a whole lot of fun!  Skating registration is coming up in September and classes start in October..all Jacob needs now is a CSA Approved Hockey Helmet to wear to lessons and he’s all set!!  I can’t wait to watch him have his first experience on the ice and in a pair of skates!

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