Is it vacation time yet?

Despite having a vacation in early July, I am finding myself in desperate need of another vacation already!  I think being pregnant and working as well as running around after a toddler have really worn me out and I’m anxious to relax and have no other responsibilities aside from growing a baby and taking care of Jacob.  I’ve got to say that I planned my summer very well because I am off the last week of August (starting on August 23rd) and I’m not returning until September 8th!  That is 2 full weeks off from work and I feel that this time it will really feel like a real vacation!  I haven’t really put much thought into what I’d like to do on vacation but I do want to take Jacob to the Toronto Zoo and Toronto Centre Island so I’ll have to make sure I’m able to squeeze both of those things into the 2 weeks.  I remember my mother mentioning another camping trip but I’m not sure how serious she was since she is leaving for Europe not long after my vacation!  The one thing I’m really hoping to do is have a scrap booking day with Lisa since we never really get to do something together without the kids and we both love scrap booking and have fallen behind.  I think I’m hoping that Mike and Jim will do something with the kids and Lisa and I will have the day to ourselves but as always with children schedules and lives can be unpredictable and add a pregnancy to that and I think it only makes it a bit more difficult.

So…I am officially counting down the days until I am on vacation!  I love my job but like I said previously I am craving the rest and relaxation!  I have 8 more shifts until I am off!  Sweet deal if you ask me!

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