Music To My Ears

A while back you might recall that Mike and I purchased a Doppler from ebay so that we could hear the baby’s heartbeat when we felt the urge throughout our pregnancy.  In our pregnancy with Jacob we rented one for a couple of months and the cost of that rental was MORE expensive then purchasing a new one!  When it arrived in the mail I was around 12 weeks pregnant and sadly we were unable to locate the baby’s heartbeat with it for a very long time and of course that got me a bit freaked out but when we went in for our ultrasound at 15 weeks we saw the reassuring flicker of our baby’s heartbeat and the movements of it’s legs and arms!  Being the stubborn mule that I can sometimes be I continued to try and get the Doppler to work and finally we have the music to our ears that we have been waiting for!

On Wednesday we were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time on our home Doppler after Mike plugged into into a set of speakers and we were able to get a louder and more clear listen!  I had decided to start looking up higher and found the baby’s heartbeat up near my belly button – so it seem that all this time when I was looking down near the pelvic bone I was looking too low!  We were not able to get a clear reading on how many beats per minute it was but we guessed it was somewhere between 150 and 165 so yesterday we tried again and VOILA we found the baby’s heartbeat right away!  The baby was again up near my belly button and this time our digital screen gave us a read out that wavered between 155 and 169!  Aww it was definitely the music to my ears! I guess our money wasn’t a waste afterall!

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