New Fall Clothes

For the first time ever *gasp* it is just 2 weeks until September and Jacob does not have a stitch of fall clothing in his room so we were out and about yesterday looking for new clothes!  The biggest problem is sizing of course because we’d like most of his clothes to make it through the fall, winter and spring if possible but it’s so difficult when you are not a fan of too big clothing.  They were having a sale at The Gap of buy one pair of jeans get the second pair for 50% off so we snagged up two different pairs in size 2T!  In addition at the gap we got him a pair of navy blue cords (and I’m still debating going back for a pair of grey or brown cords), a pair of track pants and hoodie, and a blue and red long sleeved t-shirt.  We got the navy blue cords in size 2T and the track pants in size 18-24 months because track pants always seem to run long and large on my child…the hoodie was size 2T and the t-shirt was size 3T.  All of the size 2T pants fit well with room to grow in the waist (they have an adjustable waist) and about 1-2 inches of extra length and since I dont’ have a problem cuffing jeans we’ll keep them…the cords and track pants fit nice also.  The hoodie is a good fit and should last at least until Christmas but the 3T t-shirt is really big on him…Mike wants me to keep it because he says it will fit all the way until spring that way so I guess we’re going to just live with it despite my hatred for too big clothing.

Today we’re hoping to stop by old navy to see what they’ve got kicking around in terms of fall clothing and what I’m really hoping to find somewhere is a fall coat of some sort.  We’ll need to stock up on some new socks and a pair of sneakers when we get around to it too.  On Thursday a new pirate comes out at Gymboree and well frankly I haven’t shopped at gymboree since god knows when but the pirate stuff looks really cute so I’m going to get some of their t-shirts to pair with his jeans that I got from gap….oh shoot that reminds me I wanted to go back to gap to get a pair of black jeans…they should go well with the pirate stuff I suspect!

When the winter arrives Jacob will need a coat and snow pants plus a new pair of boots and the usual hat, mittens and scarf!  Luckily I dont have to think about that for a while so for now I’m focused on building a fall wardrobe that is of reasonable quantity instead of my usual over the top shopping trips!  I think I’m doing very well so far!

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