Stop Screwing With Me Summer!

Yesterday when I took Jacob to his usual Tuesday swim class he remarked that it was “a little bit cold mama” to which I replied that it was in fact a little bit cold today.  I marveled at this out of sorts weather and somewhat wished that it would stay for the remaining duration of the summer but alas come mid-afternoon the raging heat and humidity was back to torment.  Last night when we were outside at the park I noticed that the air had a nice breeze to it and while it was still warm the nasty humidity seemed to be lacking and again I secretly wished that perhaps a bit of this autumn flavour was going to stick around.  This morning when I got out of my house it was so cold that I probably should have had a jacket but I didn’t have time to run back in and get one and for the third time in two days I prayed that the weather would stay; the weather report for the day calls for high temperatures and high humidity *sigh*  I guess all a girl can do is hope that the cool weather is around the corner waiting for me.  I just wish the summer would stop screwing with me and decide if it wants to stay hot until October like last year or bring in the cool autumn feel a little sooner then later.

One thought on “Stop Screwing With Me Summer!

  1. I’ll take an early fall (though so far August hasn’t been too horrid) if fall can last extra long and winter can stay away until, um, how about forever.

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