The Mind is a Sponge

Jacob has learned how to spell his name!  I can’t believe that he can do this already and it came as a total shock to me.  The other day I asked him out of the blue how he spelled his name and he just out right spelled out each letter one by one.  I guess that he’s picked up on our times at the chalkboard when we’ll spell out his name with chalk and then read each letter to him!  Now (as you’ll see in the video) he spells it out for us and we write each letter after he has said them!  He’s such a chatterbox these days and lately he’s been asking us how to spell Mommy and Daddy so I think today when Mike took this video he was trying to help Jacob learn to spell Daddy….

2 thoughts on “The Mind is a Sponge

  1. Wow. LOL! He is a genious. My girls are nowhere near spelling names. We still have Yaya and Via for crying out loud. Good job Melissa and Mike!

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